Wednesday, December 7, 2011


A current Client is moving from Tai Tam to Clearwater Bay.  From a good size home with a gorgeous view - to a townhouse with another gorgeous view.  Problem is - will the furniture fit and where does it need to go?  The new place is slightly smaller. 

All the furniture I am showing - I can supply. 


I'm suggesting to cover your desk with fabric and hide the mess underneath.  
Use your brown rug and find storage bins at Ikea that will slip under the shoe cabinet. 
Add a new office chair that is pretty when guests arrive. I have a source for this.
I used the 2 remaining bookcases that are available.  I would rather the bookcases in the living room be symmetrical.  Here it's not as important - they are similar in design. 


Here the funiture is placed in front of the window.  Not conventional - but it give more space to that side of the room.  You have the other door to go in and out of.  There's actually room for an ottoman.  
A living room should seat 6-8 people. You can bring the dining chairs over if needed.  

The smaller bookcases surround the sideboard.  It makes a frame around it.  Then the large green painting is centered - together they make a grouping.  The 3rd smaller bookcase is next to the stairs and the larger one by the sofa. 

SPEAKERS - they are so large and the color is also very apparent.  In a space that will become very monochromatic - they will stand out!  They might fit by the sideboard wall.   

Here is the more conventional placement.  I do have a conflict in my measurements.  I logged that it's 155" from the living room wall to the middle wall.  But the actual measurements of windows and wall show only 144.  Not sure where the other 11" went.  I thought that both window groups were the same - I did not measure the living room side.  They may be larger. 

AMES chair - but probably don't have room for the ottoman.

Instead of an Ames - you could use an Egg Chair and keep the color neutral.

Color Palette of gray, white and browns


I would just use the tracks you have or we can get new very cheaply - and not use rods.  Hide them all the way up to the ceiling in the alcove.   Mine are done the same way. 
Linen curtains will flow in the breeze and give your room a fresh atmosphere.


Clients dining room table and chairs

A lamp for the sideboard

Capiz Shells

You dining room table is only 71"L.  The Chandelier should only be 1/3 the size (or close to)

I haven't found a home for this yet......


These are the colors that are popular for a girls room - orange and pink.  I found the stripe and the plaid.  The plaid is really too light weight and the stripe is really fun.  Children love a punch of color - WE could cover the bulletin boards with the plaid. 

Below creates the Bohemian look that is so popular now. 


This is a fun fabric for boys.  Navy and touches of red woven together.   Will make a nice heavy fabric for a roman shade and bring some interest to a room that has no pattern at this time.  I know you asked for cream with a blue border - but I just felt the kids would like something more 'fun'. 


I would like to try and make your master a little more cozy and romantic.  Again, (don't hate me) but it's feeling more like an office space.  

1 square = 10"

There is no room for your bedside shelf.  You will need at least 20" next to the bed to get in and out of your closet.  The shelf is 25" and there is not enough room on the window side. 

If the dresser is opposite - you can place a TV above it.  Then there is room for 30-32" wardrobes on either side.  

Remember to leave at least 2" grace between furniture in case of mistakes and movement. 

There is room for trunk or storage at the end of your bed! As long as it's low.  

I cannot get these items in the room below...
If your bed were smaller with storage underneath - you would have a more functional space - also leaving room for bedside tables on either side.  The rim around the bed is over 12".  

Wall is 129"/  You need at least 20" to get in your closet - leaving 109"
The bed is 89.5 leaving 9.75 on both sides of the bed.  You don't have room for side tables. 

It just seems everything is in view - books clutter, clothes - you need ample storage. 


Dark brown nylon shag

You could use a rug in here  -  soft to lay on the floor and watch TV.  Also using the Thai Pillows.  I would rather see the wire chair here - it's too casual for the living room - unless it had a formal cover.  


Master Bedroom @54" wide = 21 yards
TV Room @ 54" wide = 18 yards
Living room and dining room @ 110 " wide = 12 yards
Daughters Roman @ 58" wide = 6 yards
Son's  Roman @ 58" wide = 6 yards

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Couple of round tables. 30" high is OK for next to a sofa - especially if you have a higher back. 
Stain it dark brown or paint it white!  Or these are wonderful game tables. 

Very adorable piece that could be altered to become a TV cabinet - or go into a girls room for storage. For a TV - remove the center tiles and add frosted glass. Stain it, strip it - or paint it. 

Bedside tables...... or sofa...... they're a good height. 

Saw this a showroom - great piece. 

Raw Old English Style Dresser 

Couple of beautifully carved antique mirrors. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011


What a lovely day last Tuesday in Zhuhai.  It's nice to have the men along to help with the purchase decisions and be part of the Zhongshan experience. We had a full van of 7. 

Here are just some of the finds that are being shipped back to Hong Kong.  

This trip we actually found and bought a dining room table with a leaf!!!!

Thanks Jeni for a great day yesterday.  Matt and I thoroughly enjoyed it and picked out some lovely pieces.  I know it was a lot of work for you to organize and I just want to say thanks.

Great fun and lots of interesting sights yesterday! I already received a response via email from Stephen regarding delivery and cost!  Delivery should be no trouble at all!

Firstly thank you so much for a great day in  Zhuhai.  All ready got a few ladies that are interested in joining you on a trip to Zhuhai.

Thank YOU for the wonderful day! I had a great time and it was nice to meet everyone.

The base was purchased on the trip - but the shade was purchased from me.  I make these beautiful linen lined barrel shades.  $600 HK each. 

I have the lamp shades for these lamps.  We are wiring them up ' English' style. 

We are stripping this alter table for the raw shellac look. 

This trunk will end up being a coffee table or end table.  Either way we are adding a 3" wood base to bump it up to 17" and adding a strong hard varnish to protect it.   What Fun!

Just a quick and easy clean up on these and they will be used in the boys room. 

Where this orange trunk ended up in the home.

Cute little farm table - it's not screaming CHINESE!


The king has found his thrown for his castle. 

This is something I found for a customer's home and had it refinished.  It turned out absolutely beautiful.  There is a slight orange tint - not intentional - but we have orange in the room so it's a wonderful surprise. 
Lamps purchased from Home Redesign HK