Monday, March 26, 2012


Remember - when you make a headboard it has to fit your elevator.  
It also has to make the turns in your hallways. 

If you are heading straight down a hall and have to make a right angle turn - it has to make the turn.

Most headboard have legs only 18- 22".
If the legs get too long - there is too much weight on top for the skinny long legs. 
Actually if the legs are shorter - even if there is a larger headboard - it's less likely to split - and less movement of the headboard. 

If they need to attached to a bed frame with screws - it should be done on site at the factory - where accurate measurements are made. You can take the measurements - but no guaranteeing that it's right on.  A fraction of an inch can make the difference. 

It's best to have the headboard below the top mattress.  The weight of that top mattress will help hold the headboard against the wall stopping it from falling forward and/or shaking.   Which will drive you nuts!

If the headboard is not bolted onto the frame - then the more support against it is best. But that means a larger headboard body.  So you have to watch how high the headboard will go. 

Here's one with the headboard at the height of the top mattress. I don't like the look of seeing the cut off point of the headboard. My guess is that this headboard is actually hanging on the wall by a 2x4 support and not using legs. 

 If the top mattress is 12" deep - this headboard is at least 6" below the top.  This is a good example of where the entire bed is supporting the headboard - by using the top mattress. 

Pottery Barn makes all their headboard almost to the ground for full support. He can't do this height and these legs and get into an elevator.  

Nice enough - they have given us measurements for the drill holes.  But the distance between is a half inch different. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Here is the customers recent purchase.

Here are the 2 items she likes from the website - however they are SOLD

Here are items I have recently found and need to get quotes and dimensions.  But it's a place to start.

Prices would run about $7880 - $9280 HK plus freight and delivery fee of about $300 rmb
Normal Retail is about $15,000 - $17,000 hk

The natural wood cabinet - I would suggest to find a really beautiful Door plate to enhance the piece.

I would suggest something that is similar in tone to our side board - or blends with it.  Remember your TV cabinet is dark brown wood.