Monday, May 2, 2011


 Want to see my favorite color.... Apple Green.  A fun Fresh color in current decorating.  Mixing it with Black , Lavender, pink, and of course the crispness of white... and you have springtime year around. 

 I've actually created a room with this color combination.  I have 2 sons - and one came home from college and asked if I had adopted a little girl.  It was my guest room where I stored my clothes. I just knew when we sold the house with 3 kids bedrooms - one had to look little girlish.  Most of the items were found on e-bay where I painted, sewed and crafted the final look.

Wing Chairs are such a statement in any room.  With it's high back - your head is supported - add an ottoman and you're so comfortable.  Using this soft material, overall tufting and all this nail head...... great piece.  
The room above needs this chest below from the Zhuhai Factory!
 Our old office/guest room had this green wedding cabinet.  I sold it at the estate sale before returning to Hong Kong thinking I would replace it.  It was perfect to hold all the junk that accumulates in a home office. 
 Currently found at a Zhuhai Factory. 
Green and Lavender - colors found in a garden. 

 Pantone 377 we did for a customer

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Have you made a trip out to the flower market lately?  It's best early in the morning when the stock is fresh, but it's also extremely busy. 
 If you're not rushed and the weather's gorgeous - take your time enjoying the colorful spectrum and meandering among the fresh seasonal smells.
Before you arrive at the flowers - you'll see a few new stalls and coffee shop.  You can actually find these adorable knick knacks which are perfect for a little girls room. 

How about some Fake Fur Pillows?  I have a few of my own.  The white one will blend with almost anything. 

Brighton owns many shops in the area - this one on the corner has some beautiful glass works and some fake flowers - 3 floors tall. 

There's a great glass container store at the end of the market street.  For a very reasonable price they have an absolutely huge selection of glass vases.  FRESH IDEA: fill the bottom half with stones or shells - then add your flowers.  Try coffee beans and a candle.......
at Xmas I fill them with colorful ornaments.

Bird Park starts when the flower market ends.  You'll see the entrance just across the street. Empty bird cages make a nice accent.  It's one of the few items I collect.

When I lived in Central - it was a quick MTR ride down and back.  Now that I'm on the Southside - sadly, I can't get there enough.