Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Living in Hong Kong is extremely expensive -worst than NYC - when it comes to housing.  Many young people who start out here need to live by the city - so the flats are profoundly small - so are the elevators - if they're lucky enough not to have a 4th floor walk up.  Which costs extra on delivery.   

A room that's 17 x 10 needs to be your living and dining room.  That's actually large for most flats.  Many don't have the luxury of a dining room. 

I was thinking a round table is smaller and takes up less space but it takes up too much when you place the chairs around it.  You need 30-36" to pull out a chair.  So you need that much room before you hit another piece of furniture - like the sideboard. 

The best concept is a long rectangle table - that's not floating in the room - but is flush against the wall - with seating of 2 people on both sides.  It can be pulled out if you have more and use the ends. 

The other idea in a small space is to keep the backs low.  Eclectic looks around the dining table is the rage - and part of that fashion is the long bench.  What about a bench on one side - people can face the living room or the table - and two fancy chairs with low backs on the other side. 

A trendy low back upholstered chair - and add some nail heads around the back . 
This is 32.5 h x 23w x 26 d - large enough for a western body style. 


Shabby French look - the over-sized slipcovers that drape the floor.  Again rustic raw table.  I have one.... love it!

Simple black table dressed up with the velvet winged back chairs and the bench with nailheads. 

A bench with a back - but the back is low.  

A rustic wood bench to go with the rustic table.  I love the look of the white slip covers.  White soils - you have to be able to wash it. 

 Note the marble table on top of the rustic wood table.  I would not want to lift this slab, but it looks very eclectic.  Also note the more tailored looking benches with side pleating and tabs.  

A tufted ottoman with again slip covered chairs and Louis chairs.  Three different styles around a rustic table. 

Pull the table to the end of the room and add a banquette. Now the entire space is opened up and the dining room is cozy in the corner.  Add artwork or a fabulous mirror to brighten up the space.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


My son is moving to his first single flat after living with roommates for the last 5 years.  It's a railway design with the living room in the center with no windows.  

This is a place on a budget - because it's not meant to be long term and easy to sell off if needed for a move overseas. 
Mirrors and artwork will help

Removing the doors from the living room to the bedroom will give more space for the sofa and movement in the room. 

Add a curtain for bedroom privacy.  
Give me the dimensions and I can get linen ones made here for CHEAP in China and bring them back. 

Memorial Day Sales in NYC produce this leather and fabric sofa for a steal.

The leather outer shell makes it easy to maintain and the cushions make it soft and comfortable.  

This accent chair is a recliner and will blend with the outer shell of the sofa.  Also during parties it's easy to maintain. 

Now, to add some color to a small space with no windows because the brown is dark.  This fabric is from onlinefabrics.com and it's Robert Allen Mint and brown stripe.  
This looks like blankets were tucked around the sofa cushions and then bright pillows added. 
The large artwork with cream background brighten up the walls. 

Also add a carpet - this is outdoor carpet - and you can sweep it.  This 8 x 12 is very inexpensive for it's size from Home Decorator.com 

This round coffee table is on sale and moves up and down again from Homedecorator.com.  I like the round design for a small space. 

Now Accessories.  Bring Color with the artwork - with cream matting that will brighten the space.  

This frame is so Cheap at $28.00 and $12 shipping.  Buy 2 and place behind the sofa for reflection of light. 

Then add a carved wood lamp or glass lamp to give interest . 

This floor lamp is retro and repeats the metal look on the coffee table. 


Finished look is about $2500 for the living room.  

Friday, May 18, 2012

Dark Gray Sectional Sofa


Sectional with wood legs = $9240
Fabric 30 yards x $280 yd = $8400
Total = $17,640
Normal Retail $28,000+

Fabric 30 yards x $320 = $9600
Total = $18,840

Delivery - $350 - 500+
$100 per floor if carried
$300 for disposal of old sofa


pattern: N40-328-19
pattern for slip-covered cushions. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012



prices vary by factory, availability, and popularity. 

 24891  $7840

25107 $7840

Decorating with black and white with accents of RED  and a tan shaggy rug....


Age: 120 - 140 years old
Normal Retail : $9500 - $12,000