Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Living in Hong Kong is extremely expensive -worst than NYC - when it comes to housing.  Many young people who start out here need to live by the city - so the flats are profoundly small - so are the elevators - if they're lucky enough not to have a 4th floor walk up.  Which costs extra on delivery.   

A room that's 17 x 10 needs to be your living and dining room.  That's actually large for most flats.  Many don't have the luxury of a dining room. 

I was thinking a round table is smaller and takes up less space but it takes up too much when you place the chairs around it.  You need 30-36" to pull out a chair.  So you need that much room before you hit another piece of furniture - like the sideboard. 

The best concept is a long rectangle table - that's not floating in the room - but is flush against the wall - with seating of 2 people on both sides.  It can be pulled out if you have more and use the ends. 

The other idea in a small space is to keep the backs low.  Eclectic looks around the dining table is the rage - and part of that fashion is the long bench.  What about a bench on one side - people can face the living room or the table - and two fancy chairs with low backs on the other side. 

A trendy low back upholstered chair - and add some nail heads around the back . 
This is 32.5 h x 23w x 26 d - large enough for a western body style. 


Shabby French look - the over-sized slipcovers that drape the floor.  Again rustic raw table.  I have one.... love it!

Simple black table dressed up with the velvet winged back chairs and the bench with nailheads. 

A bench with a back - but the back is low.  

A rustic wood bench to go with the rustic table.  I love the look of the white slip covers.  White soils - you have to be able to wash it. 

 Note the marble table on top of the rustic wood table.  I would not want to lift this slab, but it looks very eclectic.  Also note the more tailored looking benches with side pleating and tabs.  

A tufted ottoman with again slip covered chairs and Louis chairs.  Three different styles around a rustic table. 

Pull the table to the end of the room and add a banquette. Now the entire space is opened up and the dining room is cozy in the corner.  Add artwork or a fabulous mirror to brighten up the space.  

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