Monday, July 4, 2011


The beginning of June I started a project in Happy Valley.  A young British businessman had just arrived in Hong Kong from Korea and fancied the look of Antique Chinese furniture. Because of this - we could put the flat together quickly.   After searching the Internet I came across this photo for inspiration.  Young, hip. contemporary but homey.  This started the color selection.  

The entire process took 3 weeks.  Everything was ordered before I left for my summer leave to the USA.  Delivery will take about 3-8 weeks depending on the pieces. He has a floor plan and knows where everything will be placed.  It should be done by the time I get back.  



 SOFA DESIGN. Originally he wanted a sectional.  But it gets in the way of the sliding doors to the patio.  A 90" sofa was designed - in 2 pieces (it will fit the elevator.)  The single cushion will hide the connection and actually function better. A soft caramel colored chenille was purchased in Shenzhen and sent to the factory. About 18 yards were needed.  We did a matching ottoman - instead of doing the sectional.  So another 4 yards were purchased. 
This easy chair design was selected to complement the sofa - and done in a black and tan tightly woven tweed. 

 I have about 5 factory direct sources for Antique Chinese. I remembered seeing this piece in the factory and transformed it by removing the center door and replacing it with frosted glass.  Handles are added to the bottom drawers.

Around the TV Wall I am suggesting a photo gallery.  Keep it simple and graphic.  Note all the photos are in gray tone.

This is the cabinet that started the design process, but it wasn't easy to find!  I played around with another 6 other cabinets (many of them already sold) until I landed the exact item I was searching for. It needs to be shortened 4 inches to fit the elevator - stripped and stained this beautiful pine color. 

To jazz up the space - this cool leather Ames chair is added next to the window and a black tripod floor lamp. 

I tried to add a contemporary coffee table but he likes items that are aged.  So we found this warm dark brown coffee table.  

RULE:  a room should only have 2 colors of wood.  Our 2 colors are the richness of dark chocolate and the inspiration of the pine. 

The dining room is part of the living room - we need to blend them - but give each their own identity. 
The marble Tulip table will add interest - soft lines and the coolness of the marble against all the wood and fabric. 

 This black sideboard was found in stock and not a thing has to be done with it.  We are housing it next to a socket - so we can add a lamp. 
I love this design for the dining chairs.  The arms make it comfortable for your guests and they can be pulled over the the living room for extra seating when needed.  Because the arms angle downwards we have to make sure they slide under the table. At the last minute I had to scramble - there was not enough fabric available for the dining room chairs (24 yards) - so we reversed the fabric being used on the side chair - to the dining room.   It all works.


When walking in the front door - we added this sideboard. Some of the shoes can be hidden away here.  A beautiful linen fabric mirror with nailhead design is going above it.  And this bright red bench placed opposite.  A punch of color for whimsy and the addition of a high gloss lacquer for shine. 


    A sleigh bed was found at Indigo.  If you can find a bed - purchase it.  You're safer on something this intrigue - then trying to save money having it reproduced. 

I discovered these side cabinets for the bed and the customer loved them (he had liked something green in our initial consultation).  Unfortunately, they were sold - but that was a good thing - they were too large.  So we are having them reproduced in the size needed. 

Again, I introduced something contemporary and modern to achieve the youthfulness of the customer.  I'm suggesting to add white porcelain lamps to repeat the white of the leather.   Maybe make the shades in a fun green silk fabric.  A brown shaggy rug is added that the customer owns. 

ALAS and AGAIN, the item I was hoping for....was sold - but I found a body style that I can transform.  The above is the before and below will be the after. 


We are adding a chaise sofa bed to the office.  It will JUST fit - but sometimes - you just have to do what you have to do. I suggested to cover it in green tweed to match the green side cabinets in the Master Bedroom.  When you move - items may not end up in the same room - blend your flat and think about the future possibilities. 


Ames Chair and ottoman in the reading corner

Oval Marble table.

TV cabinet - OLD Antique Chinese 

Bedroom dresser

Extra large sofa made in 2 pieces to fit the elevator  - 90".  Added an small ottoman to use like a sectional when needed.