Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This table, which was designed by Eero for Knoll in 1956, is so genius that it will never go out of style and has remained a design icon since-frequently popping up in decor magazines and all over the blogosphere. 

The Tulip table is the perfect example of form following function and resulting in a beautiful design. It works with so many different looks - straight up mid-century modern, space-age, eclectic, mixed in with antiques, as the only white thing in the room or in an all-white room, the list goes on. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen it paired with a chair that didn't look great with it, whether it's the matching Tulip chairs or a cafe chair.

Elle Decor

I don't like matchy matchy so taking the clean lines of the tulip and blending them with an old wood antique is more my direction.  You could surf the internet for an hour and find countless examples of combinations - all shapes, sizes and colors. 

Actually - you don't have to surf - I've already done it. 

Love the brown wood, the walls, lamps and the table.  Eclectic and  working it. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I'm working on a current project and needed a fabric to compliment something in gray.  Eventually, I stumbled across this pattern and bingo - found it.   My investigation continued in hopes to find a source for this fabric. It's Schumacher Imperial trellis geometric - 100% linen, one of their most popular patterns especially for the modern decor.  Sadly, it's not an economical piece since I found it for $145.60 ( , $125 ( and again at a bargain for $105.99 US dollars (  But look how wonderful it is and such a simple statement in the room - gray is so in right now!  Maybe just a pillow.

It comes in Green too and multiple other colors.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Love these ottomans... I love this look, and credit is due to Pam Pierce for making it popular, causal Swedish Farmhouse in the natural linens. There is an empty space under my farm table where I sit sometimes with my lap top and now I know how to fill it.  Why have an empty space - really that's not going to happen - not in my house. Found all of these on Cote De Texas blog.  Once the ottoman is added the 2 chairs flanking it will go somewhere else. There's another common element in the photos - old French pots.

My farmhouse table

Saturday, September 25, 2010


A common dilemma for new families is finding fabric for the messy kids and husbands - "What do I cover the sofa and dining room chairs with, so everyone can use them and still spill?"  Most people would be horrified at the answer - white slipcovers. Being able to wash is a wonderful advantage over upholstered furniture.  If you use a fabric that can be removed, laundered and replaced - what easier solution is there?  Every 3-4 months simply pull the covers off and throw them in the washing machine with a little bleach.  They come out looking and SMELLING so fresh and clean.   

Using denim or canvas - it's a color that looks good with anything, and it brightens up a small space.    There's also Scotchgard but test it first on something small to make sure it doesn't discolor and reuse it after laundering.  Same for any spot remover. 

How can you not love the box pleats?

The look lends itself to shabby chic, traditional to modern contemporary depending on the final detailing and shape of what's being covered.   I have had an upholstered white couch for 10 years and lucky enough it's still white, but the couch is so comfortable that I may eventually keep it and slipcover it.  I also remember the time I had an over-sized wicker chair with white upholstery and during a party someone spilled red wine all over it.  The guest's wife said quickly - "don't worry she already planning on recovering it."  I wish I hadn't and used my own advise. 


Now for the better news - head down to Sham Shui Po and find the fabric at a great price. This is when the fabric market works for you in Interior Design.   Another tip:  have the seamstress cut the slipcovers just a little bigger to allow for any possible shrinkage in the first washing. 

Notice the use of the wicker blinds and the sisal rug - tans, dark woods, and white.....  A DAY AT THE BEACH!