Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I'm working on a current project and needed a fabric to compliment something in gray.  Eventually, I stumbled across this pattern and bingo - found it.   My investigation continued in hopes to find a source for this fabric. It's Schumacher Imperial trellis geometric - 100% linen, one of their most popular patterns especially for the modern decor.  Sadly, it's not an economical piece since I found it for $145.60 (www.insidefabric.com) , $125 (www.oliverfabrics.com) and again at a bargain for $105.99 US dollars (www.decoratorsbest.com).  But look how wonderful it is and such a simple statement in the room - gray is so in right now!  Maybe just a pillow.

It comes in Green too and multiple other colors.

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