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While with the groups in Zhuhai - I've had several customers decorating around BLACK.  Either a black leather sofa - or black furniture - like a tall cabinet or coffee tables they've purchased.  


I found these interiors where black is worked with the natural wood.  It makes it retro, sophisticated and very calming. Surprisingly enough - this is a home in Mexico. 

 The coffee table is an opium style.  And the side table is a version of a Chinese stool. Just take one like this below and paint it black.  On the coffee table are containers from Myanmar.....  I know because I've been there and have one!

I know so many homes which have these hanging lamps - but I hate them.  Looks great in a photo but where is the light actually focusing - and how many times have you hit your head on it?

Isamu Noguchi was a prominent Japanese American artist and landscape architect whose artistic career spanned six decades, from the 1920s onward.  Known for his sculpture and public works, Noguchi also designed stage sets for various Martha Graham productions, and several mass-produced lamps and furniture pieces, some of which are still manufactured and sold.

In 1947, Noguchi began a collaboration with the Herman Miller company, when he joined with George Nelson, Paul László and Charles Eames to produce a catalog containing what is often considered to be the most influential body of modern furniture ever produced, including the iconic Noguchi table which remains in production today.

Black leather sectional.  I think the coffee tables are topped with stone.  Wicker baskets for natural interest and of course a wooden or stone foodog. 

Another view with that lamp and coffee table.  Love the french style wooden table and wool rug. The black wall does something for the prints. Scattered with seashells, books, vases and Chinese lanterns. 

How about something under the table too. 

I want to call this - 'how to make a black leather sofa cozy cozy cozy!'  Shabby linen wing back chairs.  Did you know wing back chairs are extremely comfortable?  And if you add an small ottoman....
Then distressed wooded table.  Of course with a metal base, but that is difficult to find in Hong Kong.  And a sisal like rug. 
Gray is the accent color.  And notice what the plants do for the space. 

I've used this room for inspiration before.  I would enhance the artwork somehow - but notice they used wicker on the chairs.  A layer of interest.  And love these cabinets.  I can get them for you. 

A round black dining table on a sisal rug.  Think of this if you have a living room and dining combination. 

Now adding the color RED 

Notice another modern table.  And the Barcelona chairs. Instead of using the yellow pillows  - switch to red.  

I can supply this and the Barcelona Chairs at a discount. 

Here's a room with black and yellow.  Yellow is popping up all over this season.  But what if we changed the color to red?  Deepen the wall color, add silver metallic lamps and some red trim to the pillows. And don't forget the sisal rug. 

Next add some flowing linen curtains and a big palm tree and you have coastal living with sophistication. 

Also note this is black rattan furniture. 


Not a lot of color  - just a few red accents.   AND GREENERY inside and out.  No curtains (not liking that!) Curtains are like the icing on the cake. 

AGAIN, not a lot of color  - just a few red accents.
Love the black and white curtains. There is a subtle Chinese influence here ... 

We saw this coffee table at the factory the other day.  I like it in black.  I added the black trim on the curtains.  


Below I put together a room using a black leather sofa.  And then mixed it up using Chinese Furniture - but not letting it look too Asian.  

1. The red leather ottoman can open for storage and be done in PVC.  It's housed by the front door.  

2. The Chinese cabinet has black and red with touches of brown carving - to give the piece a soft aged quality. It can house the bar items. 

3. A shiny gold metallic stool for glitter.

4. A slip covered easy chair to shabby up the look. 

5. A solid black sideboard with bold red artwork above it. 

6. A black and white zebra rug instead of red - because you will never find this rug here. 

7. The side tables I saw recently at a factory. The painting picks up the gold in the garden stool. 

8. The wood lamps are extremely pricey but are available in Shenzhen. 

9. Then a red birdcage hanging somewhere. 

10. And remember a big fern in a black pot. 

11.  If the wall is very large - add a pair of glass cases for your collectibles or bar items.  Stack your wine and glasses. 

Item we saw at the factory.  
Top also black 
body all black and only the doors and drawers red. 

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