ZHUHAI, CHINA Factory Tours

Great way to set up a new home on a budget. 

Van fits 7 people. Payment reserves your spot.
PRICE:$1250 per person/each 
4 person minimum
We do not discount for larger groups
We cannot take less.

Email for reservation form:

If you did this on your own you can achieve 1 factory and maybe the marketplace, but it's very difficult to get around. Even more difficult to find taxis when you're out.   
 We have a van and driver taking us to 3-4 factories and a marketplace in a short amount of time.   We do business with these factories on a regular basis for years and have developed an understanding of every factory strengths and weaknesses. 

If there is something your looking for – email and we can supply photos and quotes.


REMEMBER:  need 4 people to depart!

We will take a waiting list.  PAYMENTS secure your spot. 

PRICE:$1250 per person/each - 4 person minimum
We do not discount for larger groups
We cannot take less.

Your tour guides:  Jeni and Elisabeth

Please give us 2-3 weeks advance notice so that schedules can coordinate and time to get your visa's if needed.  Minimum: 4 persons per trip - so find some friends and pull together a group.

Even if they're not shopping , it's another Cultural Experience!

Contact us for a reservation form:
Contact us a week before with a 'wish' list so we can prepare. 

  • Cost: $1250 each person. 
  • Minimum: 4 people per trip. We do not take individual buyers or smaller groups.
  • Price includes; round trip ferry ticket, local transportation for the day, consultations, and follow up with freight and delivery to your home. 
  • Please supply your own packed lunch.
  • MUST have a current Chinese Visa
  • You must have RMB
  • Because we visit the factories frequently - you will be quoted wholesale prices - the same prices of someone buying a container.  Save 50% - 70% over local Hong Kongprices
  • There is an additional 15%-25% commission on all custom orders and product development that needs follow up and design work after we leave Zhuhai.   No commission on items hand carried or 'as is' off the showroom floor. You will be billed separately at time of invoicing to factory.
  • Contact us at least 1 week before, so we can arrange our schedule and the trip you need. 
  • Supply us with a 'wish' list at that time - and we can send photos to you with prices or load them on the website for you to view.
  • It's a fun day in China, a memorable day with friends, and rewarding day with what you save.

Terms and conditions:
  • Full payment must be made 48 hours/ 2 days before shopping date.
  • Payment by check mailed to us before due date of 48 hours/ 2 days.
  • Make checks payable to the trip leader: Jennifer Archie or Elisabeth Gould
  • or you can transfer funds to our HSBC account.  Information is on our reservation form. 
  • We will confirm with you the day before departure by email.
  •  Cancellations within 48 hours/ 2 days incur a 50% cancellation fee - so please make sure all your visas are current!
  • It is agreed that while every care is taken to provide you with a safe and comfortable shopping day, we hold no responsibility and you travel at your own risk. 



  • We meet at the 2nd floor HK Macau Ferry Terminal - East Departure Gate - at 8:10am - @ STARBUCKS
  • Ferry departs at 8:35 and arrives in Zhuhai in 70 minutes.  By the time we are out of customs it's about 10-10:15
  • RMB can be achieved at the local ferry terminal cash machines.  Suggestion is to get what you need before departure at your local bank.  We cannot stop while out - we are not near banks. 
  • It takes about 30 minutes to get to our first factory.  
  • We can achieve as many as 3 factories and a marketplace returning on the 6pm ferry. 
  • The time allotted for each factory is about 1 hour and 20 minutes. 
  • If we don't see all the factories and you want to stroll the market place - we can do this for 1 hour. It's a good place to have the picnic lunch. 
  • When returning on the 6pm ferry - we need to leave the factories about 4:45pm because of rush hour.  We land in HK and out of customs about 7:30pm.