Friday, September 28, 2012


Things I saw while in the factory last Tuesday.  Going again tomorrow. 

 Stools or a great place to place a cup of coffee. 

 Paint this up Shabby Chic for a little girls room. 

New Tibetan Mirror.  

I think this is a shoe cabinet from the looks of the shelves.  

 They can make CHAIRS!

They take old screens and panels and make doors - ready for paint of stain.  

Nice bookshelves ready to be painted or stained. 

White white 

A couple of cute simple coffee tables in distressed black. 

 Anyone need a bench - They are moving the factory....

Do you have a beach house? These 18th century rattan items are so Hamptons.  

 Cabinet E - 42" wide x 21" d x 76" H  $7980

SOLD that day. 

Lovely Tibetan Cabinet done in olive greens and rust.  

 Sorry this is so blurry. Item #H..... I had design the same cabinet a year ago.  I love the hardware - they did another one.  $10,780hk

Item # F 37.5" w x 19" d x 79 " H   $ 8840hk 

Item #G  37" w x 20" d x 79" H  with drawers   $ 8840hk 

These have to be sold as a pair - but can probably find you a single and have it stained to your preference.  

Adorable delicate bench.  

This one is not cheap - but so unique Old screens used on an old body. A work in progress.... 

Beautiful Alter Table 


Bought in the market place and already up and working on the outside patio in Stanley. 

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