Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I've met with a new young couple in Bamboo Grove - 3rd flat in 3years - each time downsizing - and this time expecting a baby girl come January. CONGRATULATIONS!

To start there is a light teal/turquoise Chinese cabinet in the dining room and everything else is brown - so there's the jumping off point on color scheme.  She likes sophisticated white chairs and I notice many of her vases are cream.  So that's the next color in the color scheme. On that day I'm wearing a very pale gray knit which is her favorite and hoped we could work it into the mix.  I also find it in her artwork.  But I worry about grey and brown as a combo  - the ambiance may end up too "cool" and not "warm" and inviting.

First thing I had them do was change the configuration of the dining room 



The large pieces were separated and the shelves cleaned up.  The extra chairs are placed on either side of the shelving unit to elongate the wall. 
Remove the plant - A better plant would be a wide full palm - it softer and wispy.  

Another layer is the large carpet that is coming from the living room.  
We then found a French bureau for the front door accented by a huge beveled mirror. 

The small square prints she owns can go above each chair - use a brown frame. 

A dining room always needs some sparkle. 

I've seen too many of these modern arm floor lamps.  Forget it - they're so cold and poor in directing light where you need it. 



URBAN Rustic metal coffee table. - local and available now! 47" x 27.5" x 17.5" 
Love the mirrored tray on the rustic wood. 
Below is an example of a leather sofa with a iron/wood coffee table and wrinkled slip-covered wing back chairs. This is so my look.  Also observe the dark linen curtains against the cream colored walls.  Drama....
Tufted ottoman - adding nailheads to the bottom and another seam through the middle with pipping for more interest. 

Fabric on the left for the chair and on the right for the ottoman coffee table


Add a top for the TV so we can somewhat hide the components.  

Next - you will have baby toys eventually in the living room.  My suggestion is to recenter the TV on the wall and place 2 shelving units on either side.  Either with baskets - or doors.  The Sideboard is balanced with the sofa - but not with the wall. 


Here's my inspiration

You don't have to change out the bedding.  A great rule from Christopher Lowell is " Don't take away - add to".  It's all about the layering to complete the room.  Here it is with blue and white. Maybe add a mirror top to the bedside tables for sparkle. 

Oodles of linen for the bed skirt and matching accent pillows.  Maybe even more on the window. Carpets also warm a room up - especially if you don't have central heat. 

Can never have to many places to sit and escape to - Eames chair in cream leather.  

Found a pair of these mirrored dresser today if you want to change out the wood. 31.5" wide - look at the inspiration photo. 

Next it's on to the Guest room/ Office. 

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