Monday, September 17, 2012


I have a request for this blue sideboard.  From the look - meaning 3 cabinet compartments - it's very wide.  Probably over 228cm/90".  The maximum size for the cabinet is 200cm/ 78".  That means it's going to be less drawers. 



Just received this photo from the factory.
It's long at 219 ( 86.5")  So you would have to make sure it would fit your elevator door height.  
If you're going straight into a room - you might not have to worry about a inside door height. 
$9280 plus delivery Normal Retail $17,000
in the USA this would retail for $3600US and up. 
SORRY, but it's SOLD

Here's an old cabinet just submitted. 
167 x 45 d x 86 h.  
A little smaller than you were looking for but it has the carving. 
$6440 plus shipping from China ($350 rmb)
does not include stairs - local area to HK island only. 

The factory would paint it like the inspiration.  

I would need a color sample - so we can get close to the request.  Frankly, is this blue or turquoise?
With this factory I do this all the time - find the clean body style of an old cabinet - which they then paint to the color needed. 

 Available at Factory # 04 is this at 145 x 42 x 84.  (57" x 16.5" x 33").  Elmwood 
Cost $6040 plus shipping.
That includes painting it blue with a brown antique wash over.  The hardware is silver but can be changed out to brass.
Note the detail carving on the bottom. 

Available at Factory #10 is a piece from the 19th Century circa 1880 in Nanwood. 
170 x 48 x 82 (67 x 19 x 32")
Cost $ 9840 plus shipping
That includes striping the red paint and repainting it. From the photo I'm thinking the doors accordion out.

I need to confirm if this is still available at Factory #01 158 x 45 x 37 ( 62" x 18 x 37")
Elmwood   120 - 140 years old
Cost $ 7640 painted blue plus delivery charges. 
 I need to confirm. 

Delivery is $300 - $350 RMB for each item to HK island.  It should be paid in $RMB.

Factory #02 H1532  Fir wood  About 80 years old
195X35X80 (76 x 14 x 31.5)  
Need to confirm price and availability. 

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