Sunday, September 30, 2012


Here is a great find while in Zhuhai for Gail 

50" w x 76" tall x 18" deep.   
Bottom is 35" tall and top is 42" tall 

I did a little research on line and found a site that showed these Peking Opera Robes. 

“Python(蟒)” is abbreviation of embroidered robe, traditional play in the royal robes, there are “male python(男蟒)” and “female python(女蟒)”. The color of yellow is dressed by emperor and empress; the color of red is dressed by high capacity people; the color of green is dressed by loyal people who are red face; the color of white is dressed by honest, dedicated quiet man; the color of black is dressed by upright and outspoken people who are black face.

 Negotiations worked and she now owns this antique embroidered opera costume and quite a few other treasures we hand carried home!

Friday, September 28, 2012


Things I saw while in the factory last Tuesday.  Going again tomorrow. 

 Stools or a great place to place a cup of coffee. 

 Paint this up Shabby Chic for a little girls room. 

New Tibetan Mirror.  

I think this is a shoe cabinet from the looks of the shelves.  

 They can make CHAIRS!

They take old screens and panels and make doors - ready for paint of stain.  

Nice bookshelves ready to be painted or stained. 

White white 

A couple of cute simple coffee tables in distressed black. 

 Anyone need a bench - They are moving the factory....

Do you have a beach house? These 18th century rattan items are so Hamptons.  

 Cabinet E - 42" wide x 21" d x 76" H  $7980

SOLD that day. 

Lovely Tibetan Cabinet done in olive greens and rust.  

 Sorry this is so blurry. Item #H..... I had design the same cabinet a year ago.  I love the hardware - they did another one.  $10,780hk

Item # F 37.5" w x 19" d x 79 " H   $ 8840hk 

Item #G  37" w x 20" d x 79" H  with drawers   $ 8840hk 

These have to be sold as a pair - but can probably find you a single and have it stained to your preference.  

Adorable delicate bench.  

This one is not cheap - but so unique Old screens used on an old body. A work in progress.... 

Beautiful Alter Table 


Bought in the market place and already up and working on the outside patio in Stanley.