Thursday, October 31, 2013


After 4 long months - I'M BACK in Hong Kong. 
Sorry for the delay and thank you for waiting.

  I've been out of HK working on my new home.  Something that was started last December and won't finish until February.  There is a building boom in my town of Naples, FL,  so the progress on a custom built home is extremely slow.  That's OK - cause I'm designing it as we go.  It's a first for me to do such a large project, so I'm investigating, studying and searching Pintrest and Houzz  and learning so much.  My builder came down with health issues early on and had to back away from the project so much of this fell on my shoulders so we could move forward.   

November Zhuahi Factory Tour Schedule 

Monday November 11th
*Payment and form secure your spot.  Needed by next Thursday Nov and 7th.  Right now there is a waiting list. 

Thursday November 21st.
5 spots left. 

email for a reservation form:

more information at: