Friday, March 22, 2013


Yesterday we had beautiful weather - with clear skies and a slight wind that kept the temperatures perfect. I was lucky enough to have a full van with and many came along as a single. 

At customs I told everyone to take out their fruit before going through the x-ray conveyor because last year they confiscated the item and wrote them up on the computer.   No Fruits or Vegetables are allowed to be brought in. So one of the girls started eating her banana and apple while in line - only to walk through the control scan while still munching on the them.   To our surprised, no one stopped her - I guess they figured she wasn't actually bringing them in at that point. 

So far we have seen 4 buildings and finishing on our 5th at this factory - so we stopped to take a group photo.  
Julie, Alex, Hallie, Angie,Gina, Joan and Staci

ITEMS WE SAW - and some we purchased
Sorry the photos are from my phone because I forgot my disk for my camera.  

Everyone needs one of these...

Thai Statue

Under consideration!
She purchased the middle one after she got home. 

I'm sourcing a bench for a bedside for a client who could not make the trip. 

Another under consideration. 
Sometimes it's difficult to make a decision so quickly - so the nice thing is I'm wired up with the factories banks and we can transfer money later if they decide it's a must have. 

I'm thinking about some very tall doors - to enclose a closet in the dining room. Linen fabric can go behind the open weave - or a better yet a mirror. 

We are being watched....

I'm purchasing the pair of benches above and will add some padding and fabric myself.  

The wheels are turning.  Can they actually make this item below out of this pair?
Actually I think we may go with a reproduction at another factory who has the know how of Silver Leaf technique.  

I'm on the hunt for some medicine chests for a client while in the factories. 

Beautiful blend of color

Great Lamp and it comes in a pair.  

Here's a fine example of an antique Medicine Cabinet.   The factory says she sold 10 to one container last week. They are now getting difficult to find. 

This Medicine Chest is just starting it's new life.  It's ready for the stain and hardware.

This is such a unique piece with a few drawers and loads of carving.  Seems it may have been part of an alter.  We are asking to strip the top only and create the brown stain technique that is on this table. This will 'warm' the piece up a bit. 

This alter table sideboard is also under consideration but again - it's very long and it has to fit the elevator door height.  Let's keep our fingers crossed. 

Adding a slab of marble on the top
to be placed in-between 2 horseshoe chairs with a dark brown stain. 

honed - not shiny

I was thinking just a wood top - but when I put it all together - there is so much wood and the marble breaks it up. I also like idea of  a clean contemporary Horseshoe chair mixed with the rustic table.  

the look......


Purchased for a husbands office. 

This unbelievable aged sideboard is under consideration if it will fit her stairway! 

Another table under consideration and maybe some chairs to go with.   We also love the brown patina of the stain and use it an an example for other items. 

a pair of small screens where purchased

several pairs of silver garden stools were purchased.