Thursday, March 14, 2013


Raw wood Bookcases ordered 

I saw the bookcases on Wednesday when I was there. With all the rain the last month - you do not want them to ship with the moisture.  They need to 'dry' out from the humidity - so I did not rush the order.  

They look very nice - however, they are natural.  I now notice they have not added a light stain as requested.  If they do - it will not be matte - maybe a light sheen.  How would you like to proceed.  I can ask for just a wax finish and ship. 

I will be in the factory again on Tuesday if you want a stain. 

color of stain request. 

The sofa and French style easy chairs were brought from home and the dining room set was purchased in Hong Kong.  We re-arranged the 'L' shape sectional to include the 2 accents chairs in the flow of the living room area both opposite the TV area that will be located in the wide alcove inset.  

This is the look of Sisal requested.  I think one continuous rug would be better than stopping and starting for the 2 areas. That might be something like 12 ft x 19.5 ft. long. 

100% perma twist Olefin
12 ft width
Made in the USA

 The Doe color picks up the wood colors.
This will be much softer than sisal and will be able to spot clean. 


The larger sisal GF is very coarse - I'm thinking better for high traffic use like in a retail store. 

Sisal vs Olefin.
They are around the same size in weave - the sisal might be slightly larger.  The sisal is also very coarse to walk on where the Olefin is much softer.  The olefin is a polyester material and can be washed - sisal cannot. Sisal water spots.
Sisal is a natural material where olefin is made made. 

You can have contemporary with the rustic Chinese accents. Note the Chaise lounge. You can find a gray one at Ikea.

Chaise longue, Svanby grey


EKTORP Chaise longue IKEA Easy to keep clean; removable dry-clean cover.

Also think about an accent color - what about gray and coral?

Note the use of greenery in the photo - add a palm fern or two in the room. 

Coffee table idea - everything is straight lines - some curves would be nice. 

Suggested design for the TV Cabinet.  I viewed it in TEAK which makes it expensive and not sure if my factories can source it.   So I'm suggesting Elmwood - highly sanded to a smooth finish. 

Then a light gray linen curtain (lined)to keep the sun out in the afternoon. I would not go too light - because you need to balance the darkness of the sofa. Curtains that are 16ft wide will run around $6700. (estimate!)

There is an area behind the sofa large enough for a desk, bookcases and a large cabinet.  I've done the same thing in my living room (when I downsized I lost my office space).

Bookcase Idea

At the moment I only see 3 colors.... the gray, the wood color and white.  

Everything is looking sleek and modern - but can leave the place 'cold'. I would like to 'warm' it up with an antique piece to blend with your chairs.
This is a piece I've loved for years and it's still in the factory.  Maybe paint the inside top with an accent color for updating the piece. 

Here's the look with an Ikea desk 

Desk, white, birch effect


Since the desk is so inexpensive - splurge on a leather or PVC office chair - for comfort and living room design. 
The lamp is from Zhuhai with one of my shades.

The large area by the front door - the larger corner is 68".  Not large enough for 2 large cabinets.  Maybe a beautiful sideboard with a mirror above it. That's where you can place your keys. 

another way to paint the cabinet - soft dusty gray on the bottom and natural on top. 

Maybe something colorful......

Ceiling light bulbs.
Instead of putting a light above the living room - a ceiling fan is always useful. 
A good source is Alan Engineering in North Point 

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