Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Thank you for your purchase  

Option #1
Because the red capet has a lot of blue in it - it may clash with a red cabinet.  Right now your color choices are very heavy and dark for a small space.    

  • I would change out the rug to a light gray shag
  • Then add the red sideboard,
  • a solid red trunk for a coffee table 
  • and then a large cabinet with Red Chinese character doors - and the sides a brown to match the TV cabinet. 
  • Maybe place a mirror on top of your TV cabinet to brighten up the piece and make it look more modern. 
  • add a mirrored garden stool to repeat the metal in your sofa
Option #2
You can keep the red rugs
  • Paint your TV cabinet a light gray - you can also mount with the mirror
  • add a light weight tall cabinet - open weave so it's not too heavy in your space. 
  • The add a sideboard that is also painted gray on the front.  And the brown stain a lighter color like the tall cabinet. 
  • Add 2 red lamps to repeat your red
  • another place to repeat the red is in the artwork
  • the gray and white print in on an accent chair will also lighten up the space. 

Possible side chair selection

Add 2 small stools and use them as your coffee table. 
Sideboards in stock
Cost to paint red : $7980 plus freight
($300 rmb)
Normal Retail:  $13,000 - $15,000

About a year ago we made this red sideboard.  Here are the dimensions.

Cost to make this special order:  $7680
 plus freight. 
Normal Retail$ 13-000 - 17,000

This red cabinet is shown with a pine mirror.  This can give you the idea - of mixing the red sideboard with a tall stripped cabinet in the same room. 

looking for a tall cabinet measuring 
150w x 220h x 60d cm
60 "w x 87" h x 18" - 23" d

What type do you have in mind to narrow the search?

02-G2527  since there is some red in the artwork and background it would blend with the red sideboard. 

02-G2268 is a very rustic looking piece and simple in design with ample storage.  Nice hardware. 

This is an old elmwood cabinet we stripped and used shellac instead of lacquer as a finish.  We beefed up the brass hardware.  We can find a cabinet we can do this to. 

Item: 3ES84 
Material: elm 
Period: Mid-Qing Dynasty 
Origin: Shanxi 
(W x H x D)
 146.0 x256.0x51.0(cm)
57.5 x100.8x20.1(inch)

A very tall chinoiserie cabinet that comes in 2 pieces.  This is just an example but I know we can find one.  The sides are probably dark brown stain so it's not a tall red piece all over. 

   01-C7598, Age :120-140 years,  Origin: Shanxi  Material:elm 
Size(Inch) :73.22 * 40.15 * 20.86 (H*W*D) 
Size(CM) : 186 * 102 * 53 (H*W*D)                             

This is a large kitchen cabinet.  It showcases an open weave so that items stored can breath.  It's also great for storing wine bottles on the bottom area because it's slatted. 

C04271  Age : 120-140 years Origin :  Zhejiang Item location : Material :  catalpaSize(Inch) : 70.86 * 45.27 * 20.47 (H*W*D)  Size(CM) : 180 * 115 * 52 (H*W*D)                             

Wedding cabinets.  Some are ornate that tell a story - others are very simple. 

90.0 x190.0x48.0(cm)
35.4 x74.8x18.9(inch)

Friday, January 20, 2012


A client made a request for a large screen or group of screens to be mounted over her king size bed instead of using a conventional headboard.

While taking a group through the factories  - I headed to a floor I had not seen in years.  There mounted high up on the wall was this huge signboard.  So dirty and dusty but I knew immediately that it would be just the thing.  

The client looked into the meaning of the symbols...   " let's say long time ago, this board was hung in the family room of a big house, it could mean that the family (family tree) would become prosperous, flourishing, proud, and grow strong. "

These are very hard to come by which keeps the price on the higher side.  I sold this for $9980 HK / US $1286.  I would guess it's worth 3-4 times that.

More that I found on the Internet for comparison pricing and quality.

Northern China, 19th century
Hung in the home of a prosperous individual, this 19th century
Chinese carved and gilt sign of honor has characters bestowing
wishes of "achievement" and "success" to the recipient
US$ 5280

18th Century
Chinese calligraphy panel honoring advancement to the second level of the National Civil Service Exam. Dated 11th year of Emperor Tung Zi of Ching Dynasty.
US$ 1600

Canton, China 19th century
A 19th century Chinese lacquered and painted shop sign with
"Tea" and "Leaves" characters carved in relief.
height: 6 ft. 4 in.
depth: 2 in.
width/length: 26 in.

 Shanxi Province, China   c. 1850
A 19th century Chinese lacquered elmwood sign of honor with
central characters bestowing eternal youth to a successful
man on his 60th birthday.
height: 35 in.
depth: 2 in.
width/length: 7 ft. 8 in

Northern China     c. 1850
A 19th century carved Chinese elmwood sign of honor awarded
to a gentleman on his 80th birthday. The large characters in
the center read from right to left, "Happiness", "Long Life,
"Accompanied by", and "Dynasty." Loosely translated the sign
is honoring the recipient for his long joyous life and prosperous
family. The carved characters at the bottom are the names of all
the people who presented the sign.
height: 34.5 in.
depth: 2.5 in.
width/length: 5 ft. 5 in
US $3,280

China  19th Century
A grand 19th century Northern Chinese carved and lacquered sign
of honor which translates as "High Moral, Far-Reaching Impact",
presented to an important man who's moral values were felt
amongst all members of the community. The sign hung in the
family's ancestral hall out of respect for all of the recipient's
height: 42.5 in.
depth: 1.5 in.
width/length: 7 ft. 2 in.
US $4,380

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I have a request for White dining chairs - possibly with chrome.... so I went searching and this is what I found.  The dining table is teak wood - so rustic and warm.  I love the look of mix and match. 
I can provide these chairs that are shown (4 - 6 weeks delivery when the factories reopen Feb 2nd).  If you would like a quote...
please email me at:  homreredesignhk@yahoo.com

Ludwig mies van der rohe inspired Brno Flat Chair with arm - give a very contemporary twist.

Tulip Chairs  - modern mixed with a warm wood table.

 Updated, contemporary and traditional. Lovely style that's accented with nail heads. 

Use a synthetic leather and wood legs stained to match the table. 

A more casual approach with white painted rattan. You can then add an accent color on the seats.

The bucket Chair - with chrome legs - with arms or without - simple legs or not......
mix it up....

country casual feel with slipcovered parsons chairs

These come in Chrome with white leather seats - we would have to spray paint the metal.  But how unexpected combined with this old trestle table.

Another Trestle Table worked with Louis Chairs painted White.....

What if you used the contemporary chairs on the side and the tall Antique Chinese at both ends of the table  - for a tall anchoring accent and bit of whimsy.