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Option #1
Because the red capet has a lot of blue in it - it may clash with a red cabinet.  Right now your color choices are very heavy and dark for a small space.    

  • I would change out the rug to a light gray shag
  • Then add the red sideboard,
  • a solid red trunk for a coffee table 
  • and then a large cabinet with Red Chinese character doors - and the sides a brown to match the TV cabinet. 
  • Maybe place a mirror on top of your TV cabinet to brighten up the piece and make it look more modern. 
  • add a mirrored garden stool to repeat the metal in your sofa
Option #2
You can keep the red rugs
  • Paint your TV cabinet a light gray - you can also mount with the mirror
  • add a light weight tall cabinet - open weave so it's not too heavy in your space. 
  • The add a sideboard that is also painted gray on the front.  And the brown stain a lighter color like the tall cabinet. 
  • Add 2 red lamps to repeat your red
  • another place to repeat the red is in the artwork
  • the gray and white print in on an accent chair will also lighten up the space. 

Possible side chair selection

Add 2 small stools and use them as your coffee table. 
Sideboards in stock
Cost to paint red : $7980 plus freight
($300 rmb)
Normal Retail:  $13,000 - $15,000

About a year ago we made this red sideboard.  Here are the dimensions.

Cost to make this special order:  $7680
 plus freight. 
Normal Retail$ 13-000 - 17,000

This red cabinet is shown with a pine mirror.  This can give you the idea - of mixing the red sideboard with a tall stripped cabinet in the same room. 

looking for a tall cabinet measuring 
150w x 220h x 60d cm
60 "w x 87" h x 18" - 23" d

What type do you have in mind to narrow the search?

02-G2527  since there is some red in the artwork and background it would blend with the red sideboard. 

02-G2268 is a very rustic looking piece and simple in design with ample storage.  Nice hardware. 

This is an old elmwood cabinet we stripped and used shellac instead of lacquer as a finish.  We beefed up the brass hardware.  We can find a cabinet we can do this to. 

Item: 3ES84 
Material: elm 
Period: Mid-Qing Dynasty 
Origin: Shanxi 
(W x H x D)
 146.0 x256.0x51.0(cm)
57.5 x100.8x20.1(inch)

A very tall chinoiserie cabinet that comes in 2 pieces.  This is just an example but I know we can find one.  The sides are probably dark brown stain so it's not a tall red piece all over. 

   01-C7598, Age :120-140 years,  Origin: Shanxi  Material:elm 
Size(Inch) :73.22 * 40.15 * 20.86 (H*W*D) 
Size(CM) : 186 * 102 * 53 (H*W*D)                             

This is a large kitchen cabinet.  It showcases an open weave so that items stored can breath.  It's also great for storing wine bottles on the bottom area because it's slatted. 

C04271  Age : 120-140 years Origin :  Zhejiang Item location : Material :  catalpaSize(Inch) : 70.86 * 45.27 * 20.47 (H*W*D)  Size(CM) : 180 * 115 * 52 (H*W*D)                             

Wedding cabinets.  Some are ornate that tell a story - others are very simple. 

90.0 x190.0x48.0(cm)
35.4 x74.8x18.9(inch)

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