Monday, October 17, 2011


The room is small and we are trying to create a multi-functional, soothing and sophisticated atmosphere - a master bedroom/office. 
The tone is soft muted seaside and the color chosen is a soft seafoam green. 

We are looking for draperies in a striped silk - matte look and use a small white metal or wood rod. 
Also notice the sisal looking rug. 
I have this sea-foam colored lamp in stock (pair).  They're hand engraved tone on tone. 
We might consider the wall painted a taupe so that the headboard and the lamp show up. 


Here is a multi colored weave with texture using all the colors - it's a bit stiff so it would work well for a fabric headboard. 

How seaside!  Sandalwood stripe duvet cover.  This will bring in the taupe/tan color and the white will accent the current canvas headboard.  Casual enough for the canvas fabric. 
92 x 88"


  • Standard: 20 x 26"
  • Euro: 26" square
  • Flange: 2" wide

  • Found this wonderful Extra wide Dupioni Silk like fabric for the curtains. There is a slight cream accent because of the cross threads.  I could not find a striped silk pattern.  So how about stripes in the duvet?

    I found this fabric - $145/ yd.   Think headboard.  It will also help bring out the wicker blinds you own. 
    Actually this silk is more expensive. So it would make for a nice bed-skirt.   $185/yd
    We can make an accent pillow to match.
    The gold repeats the gold in your mirror frame. 
    I'd then like to add a bed skirt probably using the same drapery fabric - to repeat the color and to hide storage underneath the bed.  We can stay tailored for his sake -  either way is fine. 

    Sisal Looking Olefin Rug. Made in USA 
     10 x 12

    This desk is not enclosed like you were hoping.  It is built in parts.  This is my first attempt - next I will work on your original design. 
    1. 2 cabinets with doors and drawers 16" each
    2. A center keyboard attached to the desk top - total width 56" wide 
    3. total depth 22" 
    4. The 4th piece will house the computer screen.  And behind it we can attach a fabric bulletin board.
    5. The 5th piece is for storage and house your printer. We could make the top cabinet with glass doors - it will lighten the weight of the piece. 
    6. Then paint it cream tone and slightly distress it. 
    7. Total height may be higher than the 78"
    We could paint this to match the desk and add a seat cushion.  Maybe get a pattern fabric that has the tan and seafoam. 

    Under the mirror I would like to find something old and paint it in the seafoam antique.  Size needed is about 30" wide & 18" deep.  I would like to find something with carving because everything in the room is very clean.  

    I can have these white duvets made and pipe them with the aqua fabric. But I stopped because of the canvas headboard.  I didn't feel they worked together.  Canvas was too casual for the fine white - and could clash in dye lots.  I also wanted to bring in the sandalwood color somewhere.  

    Below is the wrong head board but like the simple bedspread.  Worried about the canvas head board with this look.  The pattern fabric anchors it better.  Notice the colored lamps. 

    Notice the color of the lamps below. Wrong color green but the bedspread is the same as above.  I could make this headboard - a sofa look. I think it would be more sophisticated and less country. 
    Also notice the white end tables - it mimics what you have - (except you have storage).

    Like the bedspread below with the additional stripe on the bottom and the velvet roll pillows. 

    Lovely tone on tone below.  It's in the color taupe - but would also be nice in seafoam.
    I like the use of the pleated bed skirt.  

    Remove the striped fabric to reveal the white canvas headboard. 

    Color palette again. 

    Dressers each 24 w x 18" d x 48.5" H
    pull out to 30" - place at the end of your bed. 

    current end tables 15.5" x 15.5" x 27"H

    Area for small dressing table with storage. 

    OK - now we are on the desk area where we have a problem.
    Going into the room is only 29".  Your computer screen is 27".  If something is built around the screen to encase it - that's a wall of 1" on each side.... making 29".  That's too tight a fit. 
    Your current desk I think was built inside the room. 

    Items worked on :
    Draperies/ fabric
    bedding set
    dressing table
    possible paint color
    furniture arrangement

    Sunday, October 16, 2011


    • The headboard is black leather
    • The side tables are dark brown wood and so are the curtains
    • The lamp bases are silver
    • The closet doors have tan stripes.

    Place the pair of Japanese paintings above the lamps to frame the headboard and add some color. 


    sofa fabric suggestion


    I think with this color palette we have achieved a level of sophistication and contemporary feel.  Clean lines, clean colors.  Your black marble bathroom will also blend with this. 
     Changing out the lamp shades to burlap will make it whimsical while matching the palette. 

     Can also make monogrammed burlap or linen pillows
    Then use the acrylic coffee table to keep the weight down in the room. 


    • Paint the wall behind the bed so the spot lights reflect and the lamps and headboard stand out.  I can do this for you.  
    • add white euro pillows with ruffles for a soft look
    • make a duvet from the rayon strip fabric that picks up the black, tan and white stripes with some texture. 
    • The sofa picks up the black and the brown in a tweed mix.  
    • Then change out the rug for a wool sisal look in taupe. We can make the size to fit the room better.

    More texture with the basket and plants. 

    Items worked on:
    1. Sofa
    2. Rug
    3. Bedding- spread and pillows
    4. Accessories/ lamps/ shades/ fabric selection


    Friday, October 14, 2011


    Welcome to my new client at Highcliff just off Stubbs Road.  A great panoramic view and good bones to start with. 


    CHANGE THE FURNITURE CONFIGURATION.  Everything is squeezed into a corner - it' needs to spread out. 


    The coffee table still has to be stain a dark distressed brown and the lamp shade is changing to a beautiful silk combo with mustard and orange trim. 

    Instead of a new piece of furniture - we covered the ottoman in a velvet stripe (repeated it on the sofa) and added a tray for a glass.   The use of several metallic porcelain stools is another place to rest a glass or for someone to sit.  It brings a bit of sparkle into a house with 3 small children. 
    The client owned the artwork. 

    This fabulous tall cabinet was antiqued a little darker and the doors were made so they could accordion open.   Now family photos can be shown off without seeing the backs of them.  
    This would be a nice accent on both sides of the orange trunk - to repeat the green chairs. 
    Fabric for pillows on leather sofas. This is actually more orange and not the yellow showing here.  

      Color palette for simple linen pillows.  

    Stain the coffee table a rich chocolate brown.  You could also give it a very high varnish - for interest and protection. 


    Dining room table was switched to the other direction - then leaving room on the back wall by the window for the large over-sized cabinet chosen.  This will help divide the rooms. Would like to find a dining room rug that will balance the magnitude of the living room rug. 

    Dark Brown Shag nylon with padding
    9 x 12 $5780
    10 x 12 $6180
    This is the best choice to repeat the shag from the living room orange rug.  They will be sitting side by side. 

    Let's down play the green.  Repeat the green in plants. And let's up play the orange.  We can do it subtle with accents around the room. 


    Possible mirror look above the sideboard,  unfortunately this one was sold before we could purchase it. 

    Add a tray with some color to the top of the brown leather ottoman.

    Finished items. 

    Normal Retail : $16,000
    Our Price $8280
    This is very Shabby looking as is.  I would have this sanded down and a dark chocolate fine furniture stain added. 


    We cleaned it up, add a little more stain but kept it distress and shined up the brass handles.  It's so right for the room. 

    The side and back to this cabinet are both as detailed as the front.  The great thing - you could put this anywhere and it can be viewed from all directions. 

    How I would finish the above piece - distressed and aged with this color. 

    Shorten this to 29.5" H and stain it dark brown. 
    Normal Retail: $15,000
    Our price $ 6580 
    The alter table above was sanded down and stained a dark brown .  It was shortened to 30" and placed behind the sofa. 

    Normal Retail: $14,000
    Our Price : $5680


    Orange leather trunk
    was placed on top of the large cabinet to repeat the orange in the rug. 

    Large Orange barrel tub to put on the coffee table.  Can hold magazines. 

    Cream and brown Vase - floor or table. 
    Normal Retail:  $4000 +
    Our Price: $2000

     Note the red drums and the contemporary artwork.  Also the table behind the sofa.....

    I ordered one of these silver metallic garden stools for you.  It repeats the silver in your chairs.  It will also repeat the silver metallic lamp if you go that route. 

    Stool with stone top - to accent the dining chairs - use as a side table to sofa or chair. 

    Pair of 19th century nan wood screen panel, circa 1880 A.D.
             Origin: Zhejiang, China
             Size: 54 x 4 x 159 cm
    Normal Retail : $18,000
    Our Price  $9380
    This pair is expensive because of their age.  We could find something more practical and have it painted the same way.  Then mount them on the dining room wall and frame your painting.

    Wood container

    $1440  27" high 
    Normal Retail: $2400

    Item: NH106

    We paired the lamps for more ambiance in the dining room. 

    What makes a room interesting and come alive is the use of different materials and textures.  Wicker, pottery, glass, fabric, wood, etc. 
    Here's one of my favorite wicker baskets to fill in empty floor space.  Use it for toys or blankets.  I even have long and large artificial flowers in mine. 

    Items worked on :
    1. Alter table
    2. sideboard
    3. Tall cabinet
    4. rug
    5. accessories/ pillows/ fabric/ artwork
    6. refurbish coffee table
    7. any additional accent furniture pieces.....
    room arrangement included.