Saturday, February 19, 2011


While walking around Sheung Wan I found 2 places of interest.  I needed extra items for larger dinner parties but didn't want to break the bank. 

Shop C4  Ground Floor 
60 - 62 Bonham Strand East

actually on Cleverly St by Bonham Strand corner
(near Gateway)

 They have restaurant quality place settings.
I can't remember the price - I'm thinking around $19 each. 

NEXT:  we needed more plates for serving.
Here we found white serving dishes in every size and shape.  They even go into the oven. 
Corner of  WING WO STREET and Des Voeux St.
These were around $40 range

 Signage at the corner of the street.  Just before Gateway store
Small alley area - very small store

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

IN THE PINK - Pantone color of the year 2011 Honeysuckly

It was announced that PANTONE® 18-2120 Honeysuckle, a vibrant, energetic hue, is the color of the year for 2011!  Last year it was a turquoise. 

More than any other color, however, pink has strong feminine associations that can make or break the color for both men and women.  There are so many options for pink -- it can be soothing, warm and relaxing. Even men can relate to pink, just don't overdo it -- it's a powerful color.
Some colors relax, others excite; pink does both. It provokes romance and glamour, and it is the color of love's first blush. 
Soft Pink 
Soft pinks are light and feminine and work beautifully with whites and creams. A living room full of cream furniture with pink décor accents such as drapes and pink patterned pillows is pretty without being too girly. Add a large gilt mirror to up the elegance factor.
Blush is a lovely color for a bedroom. Mix it with gray and silver for an elegant look. Use silks, satins and velvets to up the luxe factor.
For a fresh, spring look mix soft pink decor with fresh greens. This look is particularly pretty in living rooms and dining rooms. Imagine green and cream striped walls, a dark wood table, a gold chandelier and pink upholstered seats. Lovely!

I love the lady like look of this adorable easy chair.  
Bright Pink 
Bold pinks such as fuchsia and raspberry have a modern sensibility. Try adding a hot pink piece of furniture or include a fuchsia accent wall in a modern white room.
Bright pinks look great when mixed with stainless steel and chrome. Keep this in mind when decorating kitchens and bathrooms. For instance, a hot pink bathmat and/or towels look great in a modern bathroom with stainless steel fixtures.
A bright pink settee in a dark entryway is a stunning focal point.
When decorating a room for a teenager try mixing hot pink with orange or purple. It's pretty bold, but it's also very current and trendy.
Using a bold pink in an office can help keep you energized when trying to work. An accent wall painted bright pink can do the trick.
Pink Color Combinations 
Though some are surprised by it, pink works with almost every other color. The best ones to use just depend on your style and personal preference. 
The thing to remember about decorating with pink – any pink – is to break it up with different colors to achieve balance. The best colors will always depend on the intensity of the pink you use and the look you want to achieve. But don't be afraid. Pink is a great color to decorate with, and it's not just for women! 

Give in to pink's pretty power.


I hear many times from friends and clients - my bed is uncomfortable.  What can we do - where can we get a good mattress?  

When I moved to Hong Kong - my husband arrived first.  Our mattress in the service flat was like sleeping on the floor and he warned me before I left the USA.  As the movers were in the home - I ran out and purchased a 3" memory foam and had it shipped.

MY LIFE SAVER.  Since then we have moved and purchased higher end mattresses from Ikea (KING) and placed the 3" memory foam on top. It's great!

These are also good for sofa beds. 

Higher-density memory foam reacts to body heat, allowing it to mold to a warm body in a few minutes. A lower-density memory foam is pressure-sensitive and moulds quickly to the shape of a body pressing against it, returning to its original shape once the pressure is removed.
There is a SEAHORSE store in Aberdeen.  Their largest store.  There are many locations around town.   They have the 2" and 3" memory foam - and the prices are much better than at the Department stores. 
A twin 2" was about $600+ That's $500 less than Wing On on sale. 

Sofa:  I've even used the memory foam in my sofa when it looses it's shape. You tend to sit in the same place all the time and the feathers move away from it.  I've also just taken stuffing from pillows and added to my own sofa seat cushion after 3 years.  It's like new and only took 30 minutes to do. ( I had the pillow - so no cost. )

I've just been to Wing On and found them on sale.  Here are the prices.   They are steep - but a good nights sleep is worth it.  They have 1.5" and 3".  Also very good for a guest bed.

SEAHORSE did have a 1" foam single for $551.60  - but it was only located in the Causway Bay store which is now closed. You might check to see if they carry it more wide spread now.