Thursday, March 14, 2013


Here everything is brown - brown leather sofas, brown coffee table, side tables,  dining set... etc.   You get the idea.  The husband took a trip to Shenzhen before the family arrived.  Now we need to soften the look. 




Add the color blue and get rid of the clutter. Small spaces can have large pieces but keep the trinkets hidden and away from view and away from the baby. 

Above was my original idea from a photo - to add a tan shaggy rug and some blue and white. 


After visiting the flat I have some other ideas. 
GRAND Looped and cut pile Nylon in a light teal
12 ft width
100% StainMaster Tactesse Nylon
12 x 10 = $6440 plus delivery
dining rug was 9.5 ft x 7= $6340

I wouldn't do an oriental - it's dated in the look and again more pattern.  Keep it simple and clean.

These paper lamps are from Ikea

Floor lamp

Height: 100 cm
Shade diameter: 30 cm
Cord length: 275 cm

SÖRE Floor lamp IKEA Gives a soft mood light.

I would sell off the glass coffee table and make something rustic and warm.  A different color wood. 


I would go for large bold artwork - only 2 for each area to anchor.  Keep the artwork in the colors.   Nature will make you feel refreshed. 
Simple linen over-sized pillows on the sofa.
Ikea has the 26 x 26" down fillers for very inexpensive - make the covers 24 x 24". If the linen is light weight - line them. 

I did do a soft gray shag with a brown leather sofa. 

I'm still looking for the right blue and white collection above the china cabinet. 

If you don't like the side table - or need to add some color - cover it! or better yet paint it!

But they should be a storage item - not a simple open shelf. 

If you changed the coffee table to a rustic raw wood - you could use a gray body and a raw top on a cabinet like this.

to flank the existing cabinet
I'd like to keep the dark brown stain around the cabinet and not introduce a new color.  Then paint up the front. 
Cranes on a antique gold leaf for some shine in the background.

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