Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I'm building a home in Naples Fl. on a vacant corner lot, and after a year of working on architectural plans -  they are finally breaking ground this month.  In between clients, tours and tennis - I still have to find time to design my own home - faster than they're building it.  

Yesterday I was with a group in Zhuhai, China  - several were interested in the raw wood furniture for their beach homes.  Unfortunately, it's not an antique Chinese look so you don't see it at all.  You have to fall in love with a body style and visualize the look after they strip and sand it. But lucky them - I was on a treasure hunt of my own this summer when in LA and NYC.  These are some of the terrible photos I took with my IPHONE when no one was looking. 

 This sideboard with a stone or marble gray top is from ARHAUS.  There's probably a light stain to darken the wood

 These next are from ABC HOME in NYC.  And they all retail for $3600 - 4000 US! (that's $28,000 - 31,000HK). Some of them sold!

 Now look at the ones above this in NYC showroom and the one I found in Zhuhai - which I retail for $6040HK ($778 dollars - a STEAL!)  This one is a little smaller. This just happens to be in stock and is an old piece.

When in Cornona Del Mar we wandered into a charming Home Deorating Store and fell in love.  Now there's the shabby chic white beach look and there's the HAMPTONS beach look - with French shabby influence.  

Linen and raw or distressed wood -  with seashells and crystal. 

Pieces of coral on the bookshelf.  White orchids in a blue pot.  Shabby white mirror frames. 

IKAT - it's everywhere. From the looks of it - the print is only on 1 side to save money. Go with basic colored furniture and punch it with pillows. But don't be surprised of the cost of a good pillow! 

Linen Shade.  Really rough and somewhat like burlap. 

 It's all smoke and mirrors - and seashells.

 Note the Chinese frame in the back with a mirror behind it.   Again this wood is slightly stained a light brownish gray....
I also love the nailhead raffia headboard and might splurge on this for my bedroom.  Fresh idea is the blue linen lamp shades that soften the lamps.

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