Friday, September 21, 2012


Wouldn't it be nice if the master bedroom were a calming retreat away from the hustle and bustle of life and work.  In the past years at 6 pm -  I escape to  my master with a glass of wine where I sink into my huge easy chair and ottoman and watch a little TV or surf my Ipad behind close doors - away from the kids and the helper and just chill by myself.  I'm not a person that takes naps - or slows down - this is as good as it gets for me. 

The master is also the romantic retreat - don't get away from that!  Remember the felling you have when you both walk into a high end luxury room for a getaway.   Just the two of a beautiful, peaceful, calming and romantic uncluttered room. Why can't you achieve this at home?  Why shouldn't you achieve this at home?!  

If it sounds like a feeling you want to create in the bedroom  - here are some suggestions. 

1. First, choose bedding you LOVE.  It's starts the design process. You love the way it looks and the way it feels. 

2. If you want to paint your walls - choose the bedding first and pull the colors from it. Or at least have it repeated on the bedding - whether the quilt - throw - or just a pillow. 

3. 'Spa' usually drums up the visual of a soft tranquil Asian feel - calming and monochromatic. If you're adding color - keep it light and airy.  You can punch here and there. 

My client would like a SPA feel in the master bedroom - with the use of blues. Spa itself - usually uses the seafoam/aquamarine color in the spectrum... but she likes the light blue - on the gray tone.   

If you want 'SPA' this reads it too me.  I would take a message here any day. 
This is obviously grass cloth on the walls - but it's repeating the color brown using a natural material. You don't have to add wallpaper - just the color.  It's not the same effect but better than a white wall. 
The nubby linen on the bed looks earthy - and love the aquamarine punches.   I could see white gauzy flowing drapes puddled to the floor for privacy.  

I'm not seeing spa here - but I am seeing high end hotel. Note the bed skirt - It softens the overall bed and brings in the taupe color not found on top of the bed (since there is no carpet).  Curtains repeat the pillows. 
I admit - I am a fan of bedskirts - especially when you need so much storage in Hong Kong.  This is valuable usable space and you can't use it without a skirt.  

Shimmering dupioni silk on the curtains - if they aren't large enough to expand - add the white gauze underneath or on the same rod  - however,  they won't be black out. 
Not a fan of small rugs like this but it does the trick for the photo.  I also think the bedside table is much too small for the size of lamp and the bed.  It's not large enough for a book.  

Another photo given to me. I always like something at the end of the bed - if there's room.  But then again, I like to layer - it's my job. 
Pillows - my bed has (let me count) 9  ACCENT pillows.   
What I notice here is the shimmer of the quilt against the flatness of the wall color - and the lamp also has sparkle. Speaking of wall color - do not use FLAT paint. It marks and doesn't clean and I think lifeless.  Use an eggshell or satin. 
But this is not spa - and I do think cold.   Without some touches of tan  - this reminds me of a winter scene. 

 Textures are mixed as well as the colors.  Another bed skirt and a rug. If you have an old headboard - just add some foam / padding and have it slip-covered.  This is too casual for my client - just looking at color and texture. 

Not a fan of the pictures or the lamp shade- too busy and commercial.  But I love the comforter.  Maybe if you have too much brown - you just go with it and add more!  Like this blanket.  And notice still - it's the carpet that warms the place up. 

Simple... But I think lacking. The gold metal side tables - very cold.   If you replaced with some warm woods - you're getting closer.  The crafty idea of framing fabric is also a trend - but I would use a bigger piece, lighter frames and something more dramatic. 

 NOW THIS IS A HOTEL style room.  LOVE LOVE LOVE - very monochromatic - peaceful and serene.  Love the light brown walls - against the crisp white.  Note the simple bed skirts and a carpet - all in the same tone.  Cashmere blankets...  
I think the artwork could be enhanced.... 
See the aqua color on the glass door - that's the accent color needed.  It's a light aquamarine. 

OK - this does not read SPA - but it was given to me because of all the brown furniture and the blue walls.  But I think it looks COLD COLD COLD.  It's not inviting me in - I just want to mop the floors.   

Here's me!  I look at this and think BEACH in a transitional way. Linen bedspread in light gray/blue - an extra coverlet to punch the sand color.  Some Matelasse for texture (and white) - stripes for the simple masculine feel and a punch of gray on the pillows.  another BED SKIRT.  Aqua paint on the walls.  Note that the furniture is mixed -not a matching set.  I also like the rough silver metal - giving it age.  The grey etching above the bureau is so chic and unexpected, but surprisingly enough it's simply repeating the gray.

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