Monday, September 17, 2012



Drexel Heritage


This is my living room.  It came with the yellow Venetian plaster walls and the french loopy curtains - so I designed around it.  Remember - it's only temporary. 

This sofa design is from Drexel Heritage. Mine is  extremely large - 93" long x 40" deep.  And because of it I made 2 sections that clip together. otherwise it wouldn't fit the elevator.  It has a skirt to hide the connections.
It takes 23 yards of material. 
So if you used material about $350 yd it would be about $14,000

I would not recommend the 2 cushions.  It's not comfortable.  You tend to sit in the middle of the sofa and hit the seam where there is less padding. It's needs either 3 seater like the original design or 1 long cushion - which is very urban and fashionable right now.  

The fabric was from Tequila Kola - on sale and now discontinued. 
 Whenever I'm home in the USA I bring several yards back to make accent pillows wherever needed. And use down fillers about 24 x 24". 

Making a sofa takes about 5-6 weeks depending where the fabric is coming from. 
I can't quote unless I have the actual dimensions and fabric selection. 

I also have to admit that no one orders their sofas from my website. I'm usually finding a design for them and we meet and look at fabrics at the showroom - or they supply the fabric. 

The items from this factory can be firm, medium or soft in comfort. You choose.  This is 5" foam with a feather down padding on top and bottom so it can be flipped.  When it wears down after 4 years - I purchase inexpensive batting in Wan Chai and wrap them to fluff them up again. 

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