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I played around this afternoon with your photos and comments. I can see I was way off - you definitely like contemporary / traditional. I was actually doing more French Country (not Asian).

Many of the photos below - are hard to jump off from because your beginnings are so different - backing into these - you won't achieve the same look. I see light and airy here - but you own a dark brown leather sofa and all brown furniture - well... 

It's already late - so I can start again tomorrow.. Need to think about the ottoman color.... I liked the gray at first ... but ....

 NO - you use this room - I doubt this room gets much use. 

Brown leather, gray velvet, tan walls, tan rug, grey shabby wicker.  This is transitional not contemporary. Tan warms this up and makes is cozy. 

Console Table looks like a Chinese Console because of the detail by the legs. Silver Lamp - Plain framed mirror - it's not antique but it is traditional.  

This is a slipper chair - small and simple - you can get away with a pattern on this chair.  Not a good idea on a larger easy chair. Plain is easier to work with and can be reused when moved. 

Portfolio Bansuri Slate Fabric

 Pillows are white/ gray on a white sofa.  But let's try on a brown leather. 

Like the color and fabric. 

Also note many of the photos with painted walls have white crown molding to pop it - don't be in a rush to paint just one wall.  

 I would use this style ottoman - like the extra detail - maybe less wood.. and add some nailheads in silver or antique silver. Maybe use the color of fabric up top.  Try a high quality ultra suede. 
But still not sure on that...... 

Have you noticed that every photo has a light color Traditional upholstered sofa.  Brown wood is the accent.  We're working with brown leather with a heavy brown TV console. 

EXACTLY - need it wide enough for the lamp shades - these are very thin lamps. The Ikea lamps are cheap and dull - I would use the silver metallic porcelain with linen shades. They give sparkle. 


These are not 'Asian' style lamps - they are contemporary - we can do other shapes.
The chair - I would not do it in a pattern - if you want sleek and sophisticated - it's usually solid and the pillow is the pattern.  And with the carpet a solid gray/blue tone - it's chancy to get it to blend.  I would match the chair fabric color to the lamp shades or another pillow on the sofa. 

This spa is TAN, honey colored wood, taupe walls and white fabric!  Tonal and neutral with a carpet to anchor it.  And even though there is no bed skirt - it is upholstered. 

 Let me think how to convert it to light blue (aqua) and white with dark brown without a carpet.  

Actually those curtains would look nice in the guest room too if they don't fit here. 

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