Monday, September 17, 2012


Request is for a tall cabinet like this. 

Normal Retail HK$16,000 and up. 

I've actually used this type of cabinet in a home in Happy Valley.  This is an 'A' frame cabinet because the top is narrower than the bottom.  It tapers.  These are very hard to find.  

Also difficult is to find this stain but it's making a come back. I call it a mustard pine.  In the '90's everything was lacquered this color and then in 2000's it moved to the dark brown stains. So if we find a body style - it will have to be stripped, sanded and re-stained to achieve. 

Here are two from Factory # 07  I think they are both elmwood
The one on right with 2 drawers is $  6280 and without drawers is $5240
Does not include delivery from HK warehouse. 

 This one is very wide.  And I need to get a price quote - From Factory #02

From Factory #09  - there is this elmwood in a dark stain. I don't think it's the 'A' frame like your original request. 
it's 95 x 50 x 186 ( 37 x 17 x 73" )
Cost AS IS  - $ 5580 plus shipping.  I can ask them to strip and restain- but would need to re-quote. 

Factory #02 H1461- Fir about 80 years old
115X58X210  (45 x 23 x 83)
Need to confirm availability and price. 
This is an A frame. 

Factory #02 - H1229 
104X52X190 (41 x 20.5 x 75) 
This looks like a boxy A frame  where the edges are not as rounded. 
Need to request availability and price. 

Factory #02 H1228 
       about Late Qing Dynasty - Elmwood
Don't have dimensions. 
Need to request availability and price. 

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