Monday, September 10, 2012


I have a current customer - who's flat (like most) is small and awkward.  We would love to add the softness of a carpet but with the flow and lay out of the room - we don't know where to stop and start it.  We almost have to carpet the entire room - and she doesn't want that.   Adding a small area rug just seems like a rug want-a-be and it's not the right solution. 

And then I thought of Cowhide. I love the natural and urban look of cowhide. The abstract lines - and soft coloring would add a design impact and  the layering needed. 

Also note the wonderful transparent curtains that cover the entire wall.  

Love the white Barcelona Chairs. I like the acrylic table here - so the rug can be admired and the way the grouping is tight. 

Note the Chinese Bench!

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