Tuesday, June 19, 2012


A Client is looking for a sideboard - similar to the one seen on my site. This design is a reproduction. You don't usually find clean lines like this in the old Chinese antiques. 
150 - 170 cm wide 
with 3 drawers and 3 doors.

Another bit of info - I prefer older pieces vs reproductions this time of year!  It's too humid this time of year and the wood absorbs the moisture. Spitting of the wood might occur when introduced to the Air conditioning.  You don't have this problem (as much) in the fall. 

Original request was for white.  I don't always recommend white - because it won't stay that way. In 6 months to 2 years - it will begin to yellow. Much of that is due to the coating of lacquer they use and I cannot control it. 
If we reproduced this item - it's $ 7280 
in black or white.
Shipping is $300 - 350 rmb

This item is larger than asked for but for reference - it is available at a local retailer for $14,000 - which includes delivery to local HK island area. 
This showroom makes their own items and will understand how to control the white color. 

Here are 3 old red sideboards from one factory.  We can strip and repaint another color for additional cost of $1800
Plus delivery of $300 - $350 rmb

#02-1582 is $6080 'as is' or  $7880 repainted.  

02 - 1856  $5780 or $7580 repainted. 

This one is the closest to your request! 
$6280 as is or $8080 repainted

19th century nanwood side cabinet, 
circa 1880 A.D.
Origin: Fujian, China
Size: 154 x 41 x 94 cm
$8740 painted

Black sideboards
Heree's a factory that does black sideboards in this style and has a few available. 

H1123 $ 5980 plus delivery 

150 x 40 x 85
$5780 plus delivery. 

Off a website of reproduction furniture - here is the look of the sideboard painted black and the inside. 

This gives you an idea of prices and looks available. 

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