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Items found in the factory over the last week and a trip to Zhuhai for a client. 

----- SIDEBOARDS -----
The wall area is about 72".  Your dining table is 60".  I would like to have this smaller than your dining table - but taller so it can be seen behind it. Prices vary a lot depending on the factory and the age of the piece.  I'm finding that if the item is about 50" wide - it's also short.  

This one below is a perfect size.  - however it is very narrow at 15" - we might have to make a rectangle lampshade to stay within it's size. 
I like all the hardware.... 

#04-729 Sideboard  
137 x 38 x 87 ( 54" x 15 x 34") 
 $6480 Normal Retail : $10,000

Here's a raw elmwood look - the dining table will look like this.  I would have them stain this back to dark brown.  It's hard to find this size because the demand - and now they're scarce. 
I like the silver hardware because it makes it today trendy - but they can change it out to brass. 
133 x 42 x 87  ( 52 x 16.5 x 34)
$6480 Normal Retail : $10,000

Below is a very old antique from the 18th century- that's why it's pricey.  I love the carving - and if everything in the room becomes straight lines - it might be nice to have the carving for softness.  I would ask them to make the 2 panels on each side into doors. And if it could be - even accordion the doors so it opens wide. 
59" x 16 x 36"
$9480  Normal Retail $ $18,000

This one is old and nanwood (which is another soft wood like elmwood).  I simply love all the detail - which makes it very unique and worth the value.  But it is very deep - It would need a large lamp on it. 
(54 x 22.8 x 35")
$10,240   Normal Retail : $23,000

if you want to go red or larger - I found these for a very good price.  They could probably strip them for an additional charge of about $1700 and make them brown stain. 

----- COFFEE TABLES  -----

We need to make the coffee table smaller - so you have a walkway to the door and center it 'inside' the sectional area. 
37 - 42" max x 15 - 17".   A comfortable distance on all sides from the sofa is 10-12".

Getting information on this item.  I would have them repair and add the additional " Wings"  on the side -  and stain this a dark brown body and a raw wood top. You should repeat the raw wood somewhere in the room. 
Price $3480
110 x 42 x 45  (43 x 16.5 x 18)

Below is a VERY old antique item. 
(31.5 x 18.5 x 18)
$ 5140   Normal Retail : $8,500

Material: elm
Period: about Late Qing Dynasty
Size: 43X102X47 (40 x 17 x 18.5)
getting a cost - this is a good size - and I would put another layer of stain on the back. 
$2480 as is.  But we could strip the top for raw wood .... 

A Retro Urban coffee table.  Rustic wood to match the dining table.  Maybe find some baskets before we make it to fit inside....  if possible. 
$3980  Normal Retail $7,000

Or we can make an opium table to match the dining room table. 

----- END CABINETS -----
There hasn't been a large selection of  sofa side tables/cabinet.  In antique Chinese - they don't come in 24-25" tall.... only taller or lower.  The sofa arms are 25" - so I have this at 26" but you could go to 28" (same as the back of the sofa) to balance the lamps around the room. (no more drawers - just more leg). 

I have not had this costed yet.... but I like the look for a contemporary urban look and useful storage.

A before and after - I would have them clean up the hardware and add another layer of dark stain - but keep the old patina look. I'm sure there is a shelf inside. 
77 x 44 x 72cm ( 30 x 17 x 28h)
#02 - 1524
$ 3780 

Saw this trunk at the factory 
they are usually 30" w x 20" deep
and then we bring them to the height needed with a stand. Or you could use it as your coffee table but I would use a tray on top for protection. But it would end up being decoration or long term storage because you won't be going in and out of it. 

----- Dining Table ----- 

Trestle style farm table 
60 x 38 x 30" h
rustic raw wood with wax finish
$ 9280.  Normal Retail $14,000

Faux leather for ottomans
I found these 2 colors and I'm liking the creamy vs the white.  It has a richer tone and will blend with the table vs the sofa.  

and I also found a nice heavy linen to make the pillows for the sofa. These are your colors below for the living room - dark wood, natural wood, cream and red. 

----- TV CABINET -----
$5180 Normal Retail $8500 - 10,000

----- BEDROOM ------

Painted Black with high gloss - slight distress - and raw wood topper.  English style handles
$3880 each.  Normal Retail $ 7,000

Painted high gloss black  - 3" drawer
$3880  Normal Retail $7400

---- SCREENS ----

16" w x 61.5" h
$6180 / 3 pcs.   Normal Retail $11,000

Unique hand carved shutters
24.5" w x 53" H
$10,600 pair  Normal Retail 20,000

Available in sets of 3.  Don't know size or costs yet, but it looks French.  

Or I can have the factory head to the market place and grab some reproductions and have them painted up. 
It all depends if you want Antiques or just a look. 

------FABRIC ------
Bedroom Black and pink I found in the market place. 
Not pastel - and very contemporary.  

----- STOOLS -----

Samples of small stools I saw in the factories. 

Small rounded bench - needs a new seat. Then paint it hot pink!
seat size 40 x 40  total height 76
$2980 hk

Small Carved Chair 

18.5 x 18.5 x 19" high
$1280 suggestion - paint it black and and a pink cushion. 

I need to purchase the paint here and take it to China. I don't trust them with color. 
 Same with the handles and wheels. 
Pleated cushion for the seat. 

We can shorten the skirt and show the legs.  The legs could even go white paint to match the white bed cover.  

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