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A Living room with a punch of red.  

The best way to stay focused on a design concept is to find an inspiration room you would like to interpret. You can find anything on the internet.  
I kept loosing my way and getting 'eclectic' - but I think I'm on the right track now. 


Both living rooms below are very clean and minimal - but each piece of furniture is unique - making it's own statement. 
The rawness of the wood - the red slipcovers over an exaggerated wing back chair - the rustic metal - natural sisal - tufting on the chair..... 

Here we have wood and iron coffee table - rustic beams - rustic wood lamp - red pillows  - again red wing backs... Notice everything is matte - there's no shine. Glass is then only item with reflection. 

Red is brought in with :
linen pillows - slipcovers - flowers - plates - garden stool - candle

Stay neutral and punch the red with accessories.  The client had it right all along. 
Here's my suggestions:

----- LIVING ROOM -----

The starting point is with the sectional - needing just the right size to fill a nook on one side of the room. 

The fabric for the sectional is a heavy off white linen @ $360/ yd HK.  25 yards are needed.  The legs will be a dark brown stain. 
Medium foam cushions - no extra pillows until we decide what color and then we make them 25 x 25 down filled. 

Across from this is the media cabinet.  The Flat Screen TV will be mounted to the wall so we want something low and no more than 50" wide. 
Clean and contemporary  - and staining it 'as is' - a rich chocolate brown. 



Here's where we have to make some decisions on a coffee table and end table.  I was hoping to find a ready made iron/ wood coffee table in the size needed - but after searching high and low... I can't. So, I thought of this design. 
Rustic wood - slight light stain for protection and industrial wheels.  Storage below for the remote controls and magazines.  If you want as punch of red - we can add a tray.  

or a rustic raw wood opium table
with baskets inside for hidden storage. 

Another option is the opium table.

A large tray with touches of red I designed and used before. 

Move the wood color around the room - and balance. 

Brown Coffee table
I like that there are drawers for the remote and 'stuff' 

If you went with red here's an option....  
but thru our discussion it veers away from the inspiration and becomes 'eclectic'. 

TRUNK:  Not my favorite option.  There are 2 storage benches at the dining table - so this is a bit repetitive. It's also difficult to get in and out of... only good for long term storage.  And the dimensions are small but tall. 
I also think if you're not using a red sideboard - do not use a red coffee table.  Too much punch for a single item. 


Next to the sofa you need a side table that is large enough for a lamp and a good size shade. 
The client originally likes the cream leather trunk with stand. $5640 hk

If we don't use this dreamy cream trunk - you can find smaller ones and use as accents on top of the TV console. 

WE USED IT! This creamy leather trunk will complement the coffee table done in raw wood.  

Again, since we have 2 ottomans at the dining table I think we could use another type of storage helper. I have something similar (mirror) that has 10 drawers and love it!

Stain this dark brown like the TV cabinet. contains 6 - 4" deep drawers.  This can store sunglasses, batteries, nail polish, pens, tools, photos....  all those little things you don't know where to put.  

Possible lamp in wood found in Shenzhen

Garden stool in Shenzhen

Natural Sisal or Seagrass rug keeps the Inspiration room look

But there is also the Shaggy Frieze for softness

----- DINING AREA -----

You can use 2 stains of wood in a room - keep it consistent in the tones.. Slight variations are acceptable.  The choice is dark brown with a rustic natural. The natural brings in the Urban feel. The table will be flush to the wall - so we want an interesting leg.   The trestle table design keeps it simple and functional. 
$9280 hk

We add 2 cotton covered parson chairs with nail heads along the sides and bottom so they can be seen from far away. It also gives a simple chair a lot of interest.   The legs are dark brown stain. $3080 / pair

Then a touch of unexpected by adding 2 storage ottomans in a synthetic leather to keep the price down.  $5360 / pair

I'm liking the creamy leather look vs the white white.  It's richer and blends with the raw wood.   The sofa actually has a cross thread that's cream - 

Fabric and wood colors in the room 
creamy eggshell, dark brown, natural wood, and red

Lastly - the large piece of furniture needed at the end of the room is the sideboard. 
I'm headed to the factories and looking for a smaller sideboard about 50 - 60" wide in a dark brown stain (balancing the wood color around the room). 

it's actually 22" deep - not the 18".  That's deep but normal for a sideboard.  I think if you keep this wonderful antique for years to come it would be a shame to cut it down for 4".  Lamp Shades will work well with this depth. 

Red Earthenware dinner set - Shenzhen

Possible lamp in wood

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