Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Black & white with touches of Pink

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I'm currently working on a master bedroom for a young professional. We want it to be contemporary urban but with a feminine flair with the use of pink. 

We have a tight floor plan for a queen bed.  Ideally the bed would fit better on the long wall that is 124".  You usually place your largest item on your longest wall to keep the proportions.  But because the window placement is awkward - it's going on the other wall so we can create a headboard. 

The straight lines make it contemporary - the rustic wood tops and lamps make it urban and the Venetian mirror and pink make it 'girly'. We add a simple roman shade in the stripe fabric - and some accent pillows on the window seat that looks out over trees. One more layer of a fluffy white carpet...

 We have already chosen a heavy black linen to cover the bed frame.  The bed fame has drawers for extra storage.

Ok - this is leather - but it has the same feel just to use for reference.  It will be dark and heavy - so we need to find a way to soften it up. 

 First - we will ad 3-4 black painted screens for a headboard.  The elevator is too small for a headboard unless we split it in half - horizontal and made it in 2 parts. 


Antique screens

Second  - we add lots of white bedding - hotel style - either in white crisp cotton - or a Matelasse if we can find it or make it. Throw some pink linen pillows on for color accent.
Key is you have to find the right pink.  Not too harsh - just soft and sweet.

Then we add a lamp for both sides of the bed - I found this in Shenzhen -  It's capis shell and acrylic.  Not sure if a pair are available. 

we paint the wall behind the bed - PINK - then the screens stand out and so do the lamps. 

Another way to bring in the shell and contemporary feel is the hanging capis shell lamp. 

White with lt. pink inspiration room  - on the coral pink pastel tone

Found all this in the market place - suggestion for pillows and a fake fur throw.  Keep the bedding white because the size of the room. 

Now we need side tables. 
I don't want it all black - and I would like to add some English antique drawer handles. 
So we make the top a raw wood distress - to give it age - and the drawer handles will also help with that. 

We ended with a Urban sleek handle and a shabby planked raw top to match the screens. 

There is still room on the bathroom wall for a small vanity.
We went for 2 drawers for better organization of small items. 

Above the vanity we find a elegant Venetian mirror - I think we need to head to Shenzhen!

One last touch for the 'girly' look - a small vanity stool.   I think a chair will be too large for the space - so a low back is best. 

But we went with this adorable chair found in a corner of a Chinese warehouse.  It's from a set of 4 but he was willing to break it up.  After we paint it black and lightly distress it - we will had a black plaid cushion. 

Then we need to finish the look with the rug, pillows and roman blinds.

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