Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Zhuhai Sept 29th tour

The last Zhuahi trip was a full van on Saturday.  The day started in a bit of a frenzy - even though I had purchased our tickets the day before - the ferry had double booked our seats and many others - so we were all fighting during the Saturday morning rush to get a seat before the ferry took to sea.  Some of us were lucky to climb the stairs and be accepted in 1st class.  There is a reason I don't like Saturdays - especially on a holiday weekend. 

Here are some of the pieces we saw during the day.  If you like anything and would like a price - just copy/paste the photo in an email and I will contact the factory for a price and the size. 

 Great for a kids bedside. Purchase 2 lamps and find some green plaid fabric for the shades.  

Think TV cabinet - the center doors can be removed and frosted glass in it's place.  Use some of the screen detail on the drawers. 

LOVE THIS OLD ENGLISH - Someone needs to purchase this before I do!

 I'm seeing more chairs - but only in pairs - you will not see a grouping.  This is a great way to be eclectic around the dining room table. 

 The larger one is SOLD - cut down to about 30" height  - secured the joints and add a stain. 

 Designing at work. 

 Game Table


PAIR OF LAMPS WERE PURCHASED - and then I matched up linen barrel shades for them. 

Many porcelain items were purchased - lot's of Blue and white.  They are shipped to my house where you can pick them up.  You pay for the shipping but it helps when they are consolidated to keep the price down.  A crowbar is needed to get the crates open.  I inspect everything and make sure nothing is broken. 

 This is full of dust and for my client - a delicate French styled mirror above the vanity we delivered. 

How can you not love this? 

I'm considering this one for the home I'm building right now - dining room window alcove. . 

So lovely!

 Stripped wood is the rage world wide now. 

This piece is unique because of the different shapes - circle, rectangle and squares.   

The group taking a break.  We were actually done early and headed to Starbucks on the way to the ferry. 

 I saw a similar piece in a $3 million dollar showcase home in California.  There are glass panels covering the artwork.  Great piece. 

 One of my favorites. 

Imagine mirrors behind these doors. A PAIR

Another great find for my client

I don't fill the van with people on purpose.  We hand carry so much back with us! 

Time for a beer.... and then home for a shower. 

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