Tuesday, October 23, 2012


A large guest room and office - showing beautiful wood floors and well lit.   It has plenty of room to house a closet wardrobe by the door.  
This can also be an adult TV room if the kids are using the living room - or visa versa. 

On the original visit we quickly moved the sofa bed away from the desk to give more room - and also moved the white metal cabinet to the sofa for some shelf space - to house a lamp. 

The caramel sofa color is 'warm' but all the white is very cold and stark.  By adding inexpensive linen curtains on the back wall - it will soften the space and add some more color.  Then cover the desk with linen to hide the cords and mess. 

Because of the navy in the living room and your light blue in the bedroom - I assume you like blue.  So I would like to repeat it here  - it's always good to repeat your colors because when you move - they blend in the new home - maybe in a new room. 

A Ralph Lauren Feel. 

1.  There is too much white. It reminds me of a college dorm room. 

2. Cover the desk with a plywood top and then add a skirt to hide the cords and give some interest to the room.  It's a very inexpensive fix. 

3. Add a dresser or antique cabinet

4. You can keep the white metal or send it to the kids room.  Then add an old trunk large enough to house a large blue and white lamp. 

5. Add some linen curtains in front of the white shade.  

6. Add a rug for warmth

7. Add a Chinese screen to hide the outside door and bicycles that are stored there. 
Or if you don't use the door - use a tension rod with some more of the same linen fabric. 

8. Colorful Artwork for a punch 

9. And a contemporary oblong pillow in navy Ikat to match the lamp. 

10. Easy chair from living room  - you might have room for it here. 


One factory has already gotten back with a few ideas for cabinets in the room. They are all very different and so are the price points.

I'm returning to China Oct 30th and scope the other factories.  But this gives you an idea of looks and price points.  

I've written down 60" area (153), but you might be able to go larger. 

 Normal Retail  $12,000 - $15,000
Our Price  $7480
(this one's my favorite - it's very unique)

  Normal Retail  $12,000 - $14,000
Our Price  $6980

  Normal Retail  $8,500 - $10,000
Our Price  $4980

 Normal Retail  $11,000 - $13,000
Our Price  $6580

 Normal Retail  $6,500 - $8,000
Our Price  $3980
(this one leaves room for the other chair)

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