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THE AFTER.... mocked up with a painting and fern for effect. 
A large table was manufactured to place behind the sofa to house the lamps and push the sofa forward.  It's too far from the TV. 

A soft gray shag was added.  The fabric on the right is the chair and the left is the ottoman. In the center we made heavy linen pillows for the sofa. 

great details on the chair. 

This is where we started the process. 

The original chosen samples (above )have a little more blue/ gray -  made in linen.  But the price is too high and/or discontinued....  So after searching 5 more stores in Central and Horizon Plaza I found these - and I'm excited about.  

The blue chenille is similar to the original fabric but a little more sage in the mix.  The carpet is less blue/gray and is extremely closer to this chenille color.  

Since the easy chair, rug and sofa are all solid colors - I would like to find a pattern for the ottoman/coffee table to break it up and add a punch.  This cut chenille actually as a brown background feel- blending with the sofa - and picking up the teal - repeating your dining room into your living room - WHICH IS THE CORRECT way to get these two rooms to work together.   

Bronco 374056 color 56 
38" Poly . 31% cotton, 21% Viscose and 10% Linen
Made in Belgium
$670 / yd

Cut pattern Chenille for ottoman
$595 / yd

Blue Chenille on left.   


The inlay table is at Tequila Kola - a splurge for $4980.  Maybe if we save enough money elsewhere you can use it next to the easy chair.  
Small side tables are extremely hard to locate... most of the time I make them - they need to be about 18-20" high. 

The garden stools are another nice accent by the sofa chaise

 This color on the dresser is a dark Teal on the green side.  The carpet is closer to this tone. 

Frame and Labor  =$ 3180
7yds @ $670  = $ 4690
Total  = $ 7870
Normal Retail : $12,000

Because the pattern is large - I would not break up the sides with seams or add nail heads. 
Frame and Labor = $ 2580
3 yds @ $595 = $ 1785
Total = $ 4365
Normal Retail: $ 6500 


Artwork example that picks up the colors in the ottoman. 


Ikea Glass lamp base - then make a nice linen shade for it. Base height 24"  - with shade about 30" tall.  The shade is 10" high but it comes down over the base of the lamp a few inches.   Would need to make a Chinese style.  BUT.......
Because it's behind the sofa - I'm not liking this idea. The ON/OFF switch is on the cord and it's too difficult to get at. 
You should have an English style - with the clicker at the light bulb. 

I only have one of these - I would have to get another.  I like that is adds sparkle to the room... like the mirror in the dining room. And possibly the mirror tray that you could use on your ottoman. 

To show no pattern - monochromatic...
Here's an example if they are all tonal. These fabrics are more durable than the cotton linen originally picked. 
The microfiber ribbed silver is $295 yard.
The cost of the ottoman would be $3465
and I would add the silver nail heads. 
Normal Retail $5000

Sofa Console
The arms and the back of the sofa are 24" high - but pillows sit higher.  I would make this at least 28" high but maybe higher.  It needs to be at the pillow height - so anything displayed doesn't get hidden. The depth can be 14  (keep it thin).  A medium lamp shade is 16" round - or we can wait and make a special order - rectangle lamp shades but that will take at lest 4 weeks.  

Underneath the sofa is 8"
Found this wicker basket for another client
it's 17" deep x 14" wide x 8" high.  May be too high. 

High Gloss Grey Shelf from IKEA

Here's an economical idea.  Display the toys in the baskets - then your photo frames on top and maybe something teal again in color. 
Total with seagrass baskets $1990 each.
Just thought it was an inexpensive alternative for both sides of the TV cabinet. If we can find spray paint - we could spray the baskets grey. 

Playing around with styles of storage around the TV Cabinet.  These you could put a mirror behind the doors - higher end look with a higher price tag. 

Below is what I found in Central - but they are still expensive from London - over $650 yd.  They may be too blue. My opinion - the light blue is too light against the heaviness of the leather sofa.  

 Coppet Blue is underneath

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