Thursday, October 11, 2012


Coffee Table Ottoman 
36 x 36 x 15" h
*Piping on the top and bottom of the sides
*Nail heads are spaced apart as shown. 

Ladies Size Easy Chair

#18 nailheads around the feet only - front and back.
#15 wood stain. 
*Light teal Chenille fabric
*Accent pillow in gray ribbed with contrast piping using chair fabric. 

Here's my dilemma   The sofa is 122" long with the 2 pieces.  

So I am only recommending 76" - 78",  which leaves 23" on either side of it empty.
This all must be centered in the room to work. 

But as you can see from the floor plan - you need spots - and not just a tray on the ottoman  - to place a drink when guest are over. 

One lamp on the console won't work - it will be floating in an awkward spot.  That's why you need a pair on the console.  
If a lamp shade is about 16" wide x 2 shades = 32".
If the console is 76" - 36" = 40" between the shade. 
A second alternative is place a floor lamp in the corner and leave the console table open for other items.   You can even use 2 floor lamps on either side if you want more light and balance/drama. The shade would be larger at 18" - maybe a cream linen to play off the curtains. 

Verde metal floor lamp:  Lamp = $ 2160
Shade = $600
Total $ 2760
A 3rd option is to purchase 2 inexpensive IKEA consoles. 
$1990 x 2 = $3980 x 20% comm = $4776
Together = 118" : perfect for the 122" sofa width. My opinion - they are still too low - so I need to keep looking.  
***4th Alternative - 2 large boards - width of the sofa - with saw horses underneath - and SKIRT IT!! 

Prices are all over the board from 4 different factories.  It's been hard to pin this down. 

Solid wood console 
 76" w x 15" d x 30" high console table with brace.  For this large of table you need a brace - the legs will not be secure. 
 Normal Retail:$11,500 Price: $7480
might even extend it to 78"

Metal console with wood top 

Only 1 factory I work with is able to make this.  And they are high. 
Normal Retail $14,500 Our Price : $9880

TV Component organizer.  
This again came in with so many different prices.  If we make the wood console  - I would like to keep it with the same factory. 
Solid wood - we should take a door to the factory to match it.  $3180.  I am trying to get them to re-quote. 

If you don't purchase the mirror tray
this is one I made years ago - and we can make it another size. 

12 x 10 feet

Checking on Ribbed Olefin availability. 
white is not available only honey in ribbed and pattern. 
The pattern Olefin is discontinued. 
but it is available in a color.

Honey Colored in both designs.  
Honey ribbed (right) available. 

Blue gray discontinued. 
Revised cost. $3440

Short Shag - available

100% short cut olefin  $5540
cream and light gray
both available
My favorite is the light gray.
It's very close to the gray linen color. 


I am quoting with this painted high gloss white. 
  • This is quoted in solid wood - not MDF or plywood - so you may think it's high.
  • Computer screen = 26" wide. 
  • The ladder sides = 1" each.  
  • So there is only 2" on each side of the screen. 
  • The wall space is 28" - therefore this will overlap into the curtains by 4" . 

Normal Retail $ 9500 Our Price: $6840

Guest Room Floor plan
  • If you center the bed under the window - that leaves 8" on one side and the opposite/desk wall space is only 28" because of the curtains. 
  • If you change the design of the desk - so it's not a ladder - you could probably get it down to 30" wide.  - a slight overlapping into the curtains. Leaves 2" on each side of screen.
  • But there is no room for a lamp anywhere

  • The bed is not centered in the windows.   
  • The wall is 102" - desk 32" - Bedframe 62" = 8" left on that wall. 
  •  You need a few inches between each item.  There is no more room. 
  • The closet doors need 21" open.  


Is it worth getting another bed frame?  What about just adding a bed skirt with storage bins underneath. You can only get into 1 drawer with this placement. 


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