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This inspiration room has gray sofas and a dark floor.
After searching navy fabric to match the rug - I was having a very very difficult time and never satisfied.  When I get like that I feel I am forcing something that is wrong.
So I thought of this photo - Gray is where the upholstery needs to be.  With Navy accents. 

Many of the Navy fabrics were expensive but looked cheap - and I wasn't satisfied with the wear-ability for an active family. 


Sofa vs tv placement: Sitting two times the distance relative to the screen size is a good general rule.  For a 42 inch TV, seating should be about 7 feet away.  You're TV screen seems very small for the scale of the room.  That's why I brought everything forward. 

I think the wall has to go dramatic.  To light and it's just a wall. 


The large cabinet and bookshelves can be centered on the back wall behind the sofa.   If the sofa is brought forward some more, then a chair can pull up to the console table a a desk (behind the sofa). 


The curtain needs to go black nubby linen to match the rug. 
Then add bright silver accents - these clocks were found in Repulse Bay 

The rooms look dark in the photo - but remember only 1 wall is painted.  I love the celery green punch.  The rest are cream.  There is also a full size window.  
To add another layer of punch - add a large plant. 

The inspiration came from the wall in the renovated United Center - black accents. 

Living Room Rug Design

EASY CHAIR With a Navy Pillow and antique Silver Nail Heads. 

Recover the ottoman in a gray velvet - keep the some of the tufting for drama.

A metal floor lamp in black.  (Floor lamps are very heard to find in HK).  But use a linen barrel shade.
Lamp = $ 2160
Shade = $600
Total $ 2760

Too Large a Cabinet

And to anchor the back wall and pull the look together - a large chinoiserie cabinet.  Great for hiding toys.  
Normal Retail $12,000 Our Price $6580
42.5" wide x 24.4 d x 66.5" h

Simple and contemporary. 
41" x 20" d x 71" high 
Our Price$7480
Normal Retail: $15,000

Another option

I love the design on the doors.  I found this photo on the left without the painting.  

Just sent this - no price. But great looking item.  
Need to cut off 3" on the legs for the elevator. 
Paint it high gloss black - or very dark gray.
You could even take the doors off and paint the inside blue to match the rug and have display area.  

So the mirror doesn't feel like it's floating above the Louis chair - maybe add a small cabinet. 
You can never have enough storage for kids. 
E3438   - painted all black.  
78 x 52 x 86 ( 31 x 20.5 x 34" )
$3780 ++
add a mirror behind the screen. 

Another option

clean contemporary - reproduction

3rd option - it' shorter
paint this black.

Add a lamp


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