Thursday, November 15, 2012


Did you know in good design - you should have 1 item that is BLACK in your room. Large or small.  It's a little designer secret.  But image having a large black piece anchoring a corner or an empty wall.  
WOW! factor.......

The simplicity of this room is just astonishing.  The simple green distressed trunk - sisal rugs and white slipcovers against a white wall.  The airy grouping of birdcages just pop and fill the space to the ceiling.  Then the unexpected violet chair (green and violet are secondary colors on the color wheel). 

This is great - the insert of lights and mirrors. The doors are of accordion design so they fold back to reveal the beautiful bar inside. 

These dark green jugs can be found at the market place or at one of the factories. Note the opium style coffee table. 
Come on one of my Zhuhai factory tours to find your treasures. 

Looks like there is a red stain under the black paint.  When the piece is sanded and distressed on the corners - the color shows up. 

Why have one when you can have a pair? 

I'm currently reproducing the large black wedding cabinet on the left with the ornate antique silver hardware. The one in the middle and at the end are available now in the factories.  Note the one in the middle is similar to one up the page - it's contemporary with the use of round, rectangle and square shapes.  The chinoisorie hand painting is just the icing on the cake. 

Looking for something in Hong Kong - let me help you search for it. 

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