Monday, September 13, 2010


Violet French with Blue & white Porcelain
Slipcover in Lilac shade around a trestle table
Linen slipcovers and add an accent pillow

Periwinkle Artwork accented with the green from nature
To be honest I have never really had a thing for purple except when it came to flowers but I just received a call for purple dining room chairs.   My suggestion is to go bold with artwork in the color.  The chairs are done in a neutral linen but add an accent pillow using the purple.  Everything centered around a rustic trestle table and an antique reproduction sideboard.   Then one day when your mood changes - change out the color. 
And now that I'm done writing this ..... I do remember a master bedroom of mine that I painted LILAC with bright white wicker furniture and green/lilac/white palette.  Guess I am a fan!

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