Thursday, August 29, 2013


Request was for 
chest-drawer,  large cabinet, and wardrobe. 
Either this Green or Red.
Are all these in the same room?
I would not mixed these color in the same room.  They are both very bold - unless you have fabric that can tie them together.  

Reproduction - 2 pieces.  Wedding cabinet.  A rod can be placed inside to become a wardrobe.  Drawers can also be placed inside that are adjustable. 

I made this a few months ago for a living room. The front plate is engraved and slightly antiqued. 

This is just a sample - not an actual piece.  But if you like artwork - we might be able to find something like this in Red. - not the green.  This would be an antique piece. 

If you need organized storage - this is a design I made.  We could put on a larger front plate. 

My suggestion - to keep the price down - is to find an old dresser and have it painted.  Dressers are difficult to find. It would be easy enough just to have them send photos of what they have.  It may only be 2-3 items.  They are usually taller and English looking.  

I made this green cabinet fro this client years ago.  She did mix the red, green and purple successfully. 

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