Monday, October 13, 2014


Development of our Living Room

First it began with the beams.  The floor is not yet laid.  And the shaker style windows are trimmed out. 

Blue was to be the dominant color and green the second.  I haven't used this combo for 15 years, at least, and from this photo I found my inspiration.  Seagrass rug, pine table, neutral sofa with pillows and florals. 


I purchased the sofa from Arhaus and the chairs from Lee Industries.  The sofa that was delivered was 84" except I ordered one that was 104".  I like that they made the mistake. 

More inspiration - love the hydrengea floral pillows.   This 10" blue and white jar - will be used in the kitchen times 14.  


Lee Industries


Fabric used for the sofa pillows - all mix and match - some just the piping. 

Bought the chair too.  Thinking it's out of my comfort zone and little more contemporary. Very comfortable - great for card playing. 

We added bamboo fans and another 94" sofa.  Oh and a 65" TV floating on the wall. 

ordered and arrived. 

Under the 60" TV I selected this cabinet from RH because of the size and look.  The TV equipment is huge and a lot of it - this should accommodate.  The windows will be replaced with a textured glass.  They say that using curtains is dated - but I could see using a fun print on the ends. 


I'm so confused - so my decision will be last - just have to keep remembering 'Coastal'!

My favorite coffee table was by RL and I ran down there to purchase the 60 x 60 when it was 50% off the showroom floor.  Sadly, they had sold 2 of them the day before.  I was waiting for my husband to see it - too late!

Accent Table

At a second hand store I found this cute side table - perfect for between the 2 chairs.  The beveled marble top is gorgeous and a label inside that says 'made in Italy' - all for $140.  I'll eventually paint it maybe cream or a distressed turquoise. 

Now that I have the TV cabinet - the coffee table is next.  I'm looking for something a little retro.  Not too heavy looking because it needs to be quite large and situated next the TV cabinet.  The area needed is 60 x 60.  This is smaller but you can pull out the added tables to create the size needed, but at the same time I'm worried it might look busy with all the legs in the center of the room.  

This is 44 x 44"  so the tables have to be about 21" square.  Then the tables need to be pulled out on either side to make the 60" square- about 8" each. 

now it comes in white!

RH Dutch industrial. 
sofas are 84" apart 
coffee table is 43" deep. 
That leaves 41" divided by 2 = 20.5" from the sofa.  You can get away with 18" apart.  I like about 12-14". 
So this is not only too small, it might be too rustic. I want more of a coastal feel. 

But this new white design comes in a 60" x 60"!

This BoBo coffee table gets a little too rustic with it's wood grain and it's too small a square.  But the placement is right for the room.  Thinking 60 x 60". 
Frankly - rather than rushing it, I'll just get everything in and then make a decision. 

I didn't like the fact that the sofa blocks the view of the room  - I can get more furniture in that way but it will only make it crowded and busy.  The placement above - I faced the sofas to each other and it opened up the flow of the room.

The chairs swivel - so now I need to look for some ottomans that make them comfortable when watching TV. 


Nope, Too much

Green - nope - Still too much
I need coastal!

Ok - this is the look.  I purchased a light sheer with a linen lining - using a 2x width to make it full. 

Then I made an under curtain (in case i don't do the wicker shades) in a wheat color to have contrast in a 1.5 width.  A full panel that will store behind the curtain and pulled when needed. 

These large panel doors also need some of drapery - even if it's a mock on the side - so I did a double width to make 9 feet of white sheers. 

MORNING ROOM - table design

Temporarily, I have this folding drop leaf table in the breakfast room. An awkward situation with the banquette has occured because I need a table 68" x 42" and there is no such animal - so a table has to be made and I'm doing it in China.  This adorable French trestle table with it's cut outs does the trick. Now to decide what to stain it - or do I keep it raw?  Originally, I was going to do all raw wood items - but I do find if they are not stained the wood is open to the elements and they eventually crack (and not necessarily in the right place.)

I like the trestle table - you can scoot around the banquette without hitting the legs.  Also like the french feel and the cut out legs. 


The kitchen is adjacent to the living room.  Small  blue and white Chinese jars will be added to the top display windows. 

3 pieces - odd number is always good. 

Here are the same stools with slipcovers.  

On to the Dining Room !


  1. could you tell me where the BoBo's coffee table is from that you referenced in the above post? We've been on the hunt for the perfect square coffee table….Thank you!

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