Monday, August 15, 2011


In the Stanley area, a lovely family was making their 3rd move in 4 years .  They needed to create a look that matched their lifestyle.  With two small boys they had kept their home simple and uncluttered but it felt like dorm living. 
  With their current brown leather sofas, brown and blue drapes, and overlooking the bay with it's beautiful blue backdrop. - we had a color pallet forming.

The walls were painted a light blue gray matching a piece of her artwork. 

Looking at their newly purchased Shanghai Arm Chairs - the look of Retro 1930's came to mind.  So this was the direction we took.


The use of artwork can tie the color story together over the sofa. 

Like most of our flats - the living room and dining room - are the same location  - and need to work together. 


The husband came on a Zhuhai Factory tour  to find a unique piece and inspiration.  The tall kitchen cabinet was found.  It  was stained a very dark brown to match the sofa color.   When delivered - we had Jimmy come out and re-stain the TV cabinet to match. 


This is a lamp possibility.  The white repeats the table and the brown repeats the sofa. 

The accent table that sits between the Shanghai chairs - repeats the white marble that is on the dining table. 
Delivering a large marble table can be tricky.  Make sure it fits your elevator - and if you have stairs - it will cost extra.  It will also cost if they have to unpack and then get it into the elevator.  It will also cost to put it together.  It comes directly from the factory - so you save initially.  With the added charges - you are still saving. 

We bounced around over a dozen chair ideas to sit beside the tulip table.  Something elegant for guests and durable for the kids.  In a French magazine the owner fell in love with this one.  The fabric is blue and brown tweed - hide dirt - and found some faux leather at Sham Shui Po to keep the price down.  Added antique nail heads to top it off.  

We needed something old and shabby.  We reproduced this sideboard to achieve it. It's always tricky to do a unique color choice.  We cannot guarantee a perfect match - but it will be in the family. 

I love this fuzzy carpet.  It's soft to walk and play on - while creating a cozy feeling.  With the 2 tone effect - it will hide dirt from the kids and the dog. 
The color palette needs some sparkle.  With the use of plants, silver (mercury glass) and glass containers - it will 'pop' the place. 

Another way for reflection is the use of a mirror - maybe over the blue sideboard.  Keeping it in the Retro feel. 

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