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BLUE AND WHITE PORCELAIN was first created during the Yuan dynasty (1279-1368 CE).  Fired at higher temperature than Earthenware, Porcelain is characterized by a glass-like finish of its whitish clay body.  Potters of the later Ming dynasty (1368-1644 CE) advanced the art of Blue and White Porcelain to such a degree that most people today think of the style as uniquely Chinese. 

Mention blue and white, and you immediately conjure images of china or porcelain. Flip through the pages of any home-decorating magazine, and you'll undoubtedly come upon a piece of blue-and-white china in every type of interior. Sometimes nautical, often exotic, and always crisp, the blue-and-white look never goes out of style as it evokes the past. 

A lamp from our collection - HK$1840 Item NE#120

This room is screaming for some pottery.....somewhere!

This is not my cup of tea... a little too much blue and white, but it's very tastefully accomplished with the use of toile, stripes and the surprising addition of the ghost chair.

Place a porcelain lamp by your bed. Choose a lampshade that balances the colors in your room.  These bedspreads are from the Ralph Lauren collection.  I actually have this duvet in my master bedroom with a white matelasse coverlet and the matching pillow sham. Then I spread my blue and white all around the room.... with painted white furniture.  In contrast to the room above - I painted my walls a celery green.

Use small porcelain dishes for jewelry, change and other items that tend to collect on your dresser. Small bowls and jars are ideal for keeping smaller items under control.

Look at the vase above in the magazine - now look at the lamp we have in stock
HK$1640  Item AI#118

You have to have a garden stool in your collection!

Grouping ginger jars together - assorted heights and patterns

This photo is probably 10 years old - but it's timeless with the tan stripes and blue and white porcelain. 

Great look with the Ethnic Ikat fabric.  Notice the Chinese coffee table. 

AND dont' forget your dining room!

AND......Your front entry hall......

 and the factories.  Take a tour with us!

HK$1340  Item AA#116

HK$1440 Item NC#126
HK$1540  Item NC#124


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