Monday, September 26, 2011


Danish Modern reached a pinnacle of popularity in the 1950’s and 60’s, then retreated for a couple of decades. By the early 1990’s, however, it began receiving renewed appreciation. Today, this clean, almost Shaker-like style is once again a favorite of many high-end designers and a significant segment of the public.

 Danish Modern design joins simplicity with craftsmanship and quality. The emphasis is on functionality and aesthetics, highlighting handsome woods and sleek lines. This marriage of minimalism and ergonomics creates pieces that are light and use less space than traditional pieces, yet offer comfort and an air of sophistication.

 Because it was lightweight, you could easily move the furniture to clean under it or rearrange it. The glass tabletops and oil and wax finishes of the wood meant maintenance was easy and most people could do any necessary repairs themselves.

Finding retro Danish Modern in Hong Kong is very difficult.  Many items outside the commercial Modern looks will have to be made to order.  That's another reason why I like to blend a few Antique Chinese with the decor - it helps the budget. 

 However - I find a home done only in Danish Modern can be very 'cold' in appearance. 

I like the addition of the Fuzzy Rug or a strong antique Chinese piece to mix it up. 

Also add strong artwork.  If the lines are simple - the artwork will stand out. 

The recognizable chair leg - wide on top tapering to a narrow bottom - distinguished the Danish Modern. 

The addition of color can warm the space. The use of the silver metallic lamp - The Ames Chair, the antique Chinese Coffee Table - or Medicine Cabinet. 

 Many modern pieces lend themselves to this style like the Barcelona and Wishbone chair.  Add a piece of Mirror furniture to accent the silver legs in a Barcelona - or a lamp. 

 More Modern influences with the Egg and Bucket Chair - paired with the warm use of antique wood. 

Mix it all up for a very Eclectic Decor

Remember:  only use 2 wood colors in a room.  Don't get complicated.  

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