Friday, September 16, 2011


You may want a fresh new look to your home with an Interior Redesign -  which is the art of transforming your home utilizing the wonderful  things you already have. Using your existing furnishings and accessories, we revitalize and awaken your living and work spaces, reflecting your style so you'll feel even more connected to your surroundings.

Cost: $650 per hour – 3 hour minimum (less than the cost of a piece of furniture). Together we can move items from room to room to create a fresh look. Then evaluate what items you may need to complete it. (Price is for HK Island area only.  NT and Lantau: additional flat $250)

DESIGNERS SERVICE ON LINE:Our specialty is helping newcomers set-up, creating the perfect look quickly and on a budget. INTERIOR DESIGN FEES AND INFO

Treasure hunting in Zhuhai.
 PRICE:$1098 per person/each - 4 person minimum
We do not discount for larger groups
If you can only arrange 3 people in your group - the price is $1330 per person.  
We cannot take less.

You must have a current Chinese Visa!

Shop our Lamp Inventory!

Shop our new lamp inventory and lampshades on line.  They are shown on our website and our blog.   The lamps are beautifully porcelain finished and at a fantastic value - items that will last for years and years. 
Quality table lamps are difficult to find in Hong Kong - so we developed our own.  We import the porcelain bases from one area of China, sourced the fine linen fabric and and make the shades and make the shades in another location in China.   They are all brought together and assembled here. 

We need to replenish our stock - what are you looking for?

Check out our blog with:  THIS WEEK FACTORY FINDS...

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