Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Here are some ideas for an easy home office for 1-2 people.  I've done this in 2 homes already. 

Take 2 filing cabinets on either end of the desk area and top them with a piece of wood...  Painted, Laminated, whatever. Don't get too much room between the files or the wood could bow.  But 4-5 ft is fine.  I've even skirted the wood to hide the cabinets. 
Add shelves, artwork, draperies, lamps, rugs.....  you have a fast and easy work space. 

I've also taken dining room and kitchen tables and used them for desks.  They're nice and wide and can hold more. Most desks are about 22" - 24" wide and a table is 36". 


 Very Subtle and calming color palette.  Many of us have light bulb outlets in our ceilings - replace it with a fan instead of a light!

 Placing the desk configuration in front of the bookshelf

 White with a stone looking top.  The walls are painted tan and there's burlap on the peg board

 Simple color scheme.  The use of a simple dining table for a desk. 
 Another dining room table for a desk. 

 Fancy Bulletin Board

 Hide the filing cabinets under a skirt.  Add a glass top. 
 Find an unused closet.  I forgot, we don't have that in Hong Kong! 
 Black is always safe and sophisticated.  Masculine or Feminine.  My office has a black base. 

 Here's the concept!  Filing cabinets - and add a top! 

 Like the addition of a guest chair in the office. 
Love the Ames Chair .  

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