Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I've found if you wear a cast, everyone you meet asks what happens. Same thing if you put it on Facebook. 

 Well, I was in New Zealand with my husband on holiday where everything is extreme sports.  It would be great to just say 'I hit it on a rock while bungee jumping' but at my age, I don't think I'll be flying and neither will that story. 

So here it is.....

It's 4pm and we had an hour to kill so I suggested we try another winery close by - they close at 5pm.  Mission winery in Napier, NZ. which is actually owned by the church. We had 2 small sips (not glasses) because they were closing. 

As we walk in - there is a wedding about to start. A  gorgeous young bride and her bridesmaids waiting for the music to commence.

As they walked out, we were told we could also go and see the view.  So we did. 

They are finishing their 'I Do's', I snap this photo and the guests are now applauding.  I walk a few steps to the main building and snap one more photo of the vines growing on the trellis staying out of view - (I'm thinking of the vines for my new home I'm building).  But while I'm standing on the step up (landing) the vine are too close so I step back.  OOPS!..there is no step back. 

The landing is curved and my foot catches the edge while I'm falling backwards ... my phone/ camera goes flying.... and with little balance I put my right hand down to catch myself on the brick pavement. 

But I'm wearing this lovely Mexican Sterling Silver cuff bracelet on my right hand.  My hand hits hard with my body weight and my wrist and this cuff become one.  I'm distorted on the ground in extreme pain ... but tell my rescuers to quickly scoop me up and out of there..... I don't want to ruin the wedding. (cause I'm going to start screaming very soon).

2 clinics and 1 hospital later (x-rays close @ 5pm at clinics) - I finally get my x-ray - it's broken on the right side and a bone chip severed on the left. It's also dislocated - so with the help of nitric oxide and my husband holding me down - the doc pops it back into place.  They cast the arm, only to break it open because I have to get on a plane the next day and it might swell. It's re-casted in Hong Kong a few days later. 

The real surprise - the 3 hours in the hospital .... was FREE.  If it's an accident - it's paid.

Luckily, it's our last night in NZ but we have a long 6 hour drive back to Auckland the next day - my husband has a 6 hour drive - I'm enjoying the scenery. 

My right hand - I'm right handed.
I was scheduled to play 2 matches that week when I returned - but instead I'm in this cast for at least 4 weeks and then a wrist brace.  


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  1. Did you take the cast off?I hope you feel better and dont have any pain,