Tuesday, February 26, 2013


It's almost March and I'm just now wishing you a Happy New Year.  However, Chinese New Year just came to a close and the factories are finally reopening after being closed for almost a month.  Little can be done during this time.  It's difficult because we were just getting back from Xmas break and then another was upon us. So I vacationed in New Zealand with my husband - where I broke my right wrist in 2 places. But that's another adventure. 

March Schedule
Tuesday March 5th
Wednesday March 13th
Thursday March 21st

I was able to pull a van together of 7 lovely ladies on a gorgeous and unseasonable January day.  

For many it was just scouting and experiencing Zhuhai, but a few bought some amazing pieces this trip.  

  Trina bought this unique art deco sideboard for only $2800 rmb.  We found out later it was made of huanghuali.  There was a slight flaw but after investigation we thought we should leave it alone!
We found one auctioned off in Singapore for a value of $60,000 rmb.   Not sure if it's the same item - but why chance it until further investigation.

A member of the rosewood family, huanghuali stands for rarity, beauty and in today’s Chinese furniture market, high prices. It is believed that there are less than 10,000 pieces of huanghuali furniture left in the world. Because the wood is nearing extinction, and is now a protected species, supply is very limited. Matched with the rapidly increasing demand for Chinese antiques, prices for huanghuali furniture have skyrocketed over the past five years.

Lynn headed a totally different direction as we stumbled across this piece when I had to pick something up at another factory.  A contemporary reproduction for under $2000 rmb, if I remember right. 

Julia went hunting through the screen inventory and found some fabulous antiques for a project at home.  

Veronica's Wish list
Most of these are reproductions on the wish list, but we can find something similar - or make it. 
Be prepared for the trip - you will be more successful.

Other items we saw:

Now think of these - stripped, painted black or a wow color- or add a darker brown stain.  

 Great aged wood. 

This is an antique - but I can see it painted gray outside and painted white inside.   

Fresh Idea:
This stool is 24" high - perfect for a accent side table.  Now add a piece of marble to the top in the octagon shape and you have made a beautiful conversation piece. 


3rd factory

4th Factory

Gold leaf

love them because they are old, and very thin. I'm using them as a room divider. I'll temporary attach some accent fabric on the back wall for a punch of color. 

NEXT tour dates:
March Schedule
Tuesday March 5th
Wednesday March 13th
Thursday March 21st

Come join me!

Minimum of 4 people, maximum 7. 

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