Friday, May 31, 2013


Request was for a console table.  Here is the finished product.

This factory specializes in painted furniture - note the other turquoise medicine cabinet behind. 

I have to comment - that the wood box shown - I think has been touched up by Photoshop! with a blue wash over the original color.  I don't think this box was this color originally.  Chinese factories do not paint this way. 

Do you accept the color as is?


I sent the console to this factory because they are use to the color blue.  Not many are
I found these items in the factory last week. 

 As you can see they are all solid colors with an antique finish.  they are not 2 toned blues with washes and then antiqued. 

Door Plates

These are the door plates the factory got for me.  Same factory that did your table- not the console above.

I have a problem.  They are not drilled - and there is no nail head to go thru the plate to attach the handles .  

How are you going to attach????

I don't really work with these - just design the furniture.  You will need a handy man.   

 No nail heads that go thru the hardware to attach the handle to the plate. 

They can remove the black etching - have it look more like above. 

Cost  - sorry I had quoted you the rmb. 

Small :  14cm  $70 rmb = $ 90 HK
Large: 35cm  $250 rmb = $310 HK

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