Friday, May 24, 2013

Zhuhai Tour May 22nd, 2013

Zhuhai last Wednesday was quite an experience for 4 ladies.    At 4:30 a Black Rain Storm was hitting Hong Kong and I was awaken by the thunder and lighting.    I thought the tour would be postponed to another day, however the Internet was saying that Zhuhai was in better condition and that the Black Rain signal would be lifted at 6 am. So at 5:30am, with a cup of coffee in hand and my jet lag,  I emailed everyone that it was a go - if they were all willing.  They were!

Well - after waiting 20 minutes at a stop light in Zhuhai heading to our first factory we were told by the police we could go no further and had to turn around.  Luckily, we headed to another factory in that direction and reverse our trip as the floods receded. Below are photos from the first factory!    

This is their finishing area for new projects.  I was sure hoping mine wasn't in there! (See below)
We dodge puddles in the rest of the factory but there was more than enough to look at. 

 My cabinet after it was stripped and new hardware added.  LOVE IT!
 My Cabinet before it was stripped. 

I had the inside stripped as well. 

Originally they had stripped the wrong cabinet for me - this is it.  I probably should have taken it - cause it's beautiful - but it's not what I ordered... This may be still available and I know they will have no trouble selling it!

Most factories and business were closed with a small amount of staff - enough to help us.  The owner of one found his car submerged and had to take a taxi to work. 

A beautiful antique alter table with dragons was purchased and will be stained like the cabinet shown.  Yes!  you can do that. 

Porcelain garden stools that were purchased and are being shipped directly to the customer. Shipping can get expensive for these because they have to be packed and crated for protection.  So it's better to ship more than 1 or 2 to average out the cost of shipping.   Share with a friend. 

Baskets waiting for their stain.  

Painted buckets 

Love this pattern on the blue and white.  Very country and simple. But I think their using it the wrong way?

 Clothing stand  - great design.

Screen for behind a twin bed.

Burlwood cabinet with great hardware, sorry it's fuzzy.  

 Stool purchased 

Everyone needs one of these!

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